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westcorphotels > A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality > Chapter 2434: Heavenly Devil Contract

Chapter 2434: Heavenly Devil Contract

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The projection was another Provenance True Devil Projection, but this one was far smaller than the other one, which had already been incinerated into nothingness by the black devilish flames.

That was only an empty shell conjured up by the Provenance True Devil Projection, and its demise had drawn Ma Liang into a false sense of security, thereby allowing Han Li to land the killing blow with his Profound Heavenly Treasure.

Han Li could sense that Ma Liang's body was harboring an astonishingly powerful Nascent Soul, but it had been instantly shattered by the power of the Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword and had no chance of resurrection.

If Ma Liang had been in the True Immortal Realm, his Nascent Soul would've been able to get away even in the wake of his body's destruction.

However, his Nascent Soul had been restricted by the power of the Spirit Realm, rendering it too slow to escape or to defend itself.

In a normal battle, these debilitating effects weren't very apparent, but in a life-and-death scenario, it had proven to be his downfall.

An incredulous look appeared on the dark-skinned young man's face upon seeing this. "You actually killed him! Don't you know that he's a direct disciple to the Nine Origin Dao Patriarch?"

"If I didn't kill him, he would kill me. Am I supposed to allow him to do as he pleases just because he has powerful backers? Besides, no matter how powerful this Nine Origin Dao Patriarch is, he's in the True Immortal Realm, and it's yet to be seen whether I'll even be able to ascend to the True Immortal Realm," Han Li said in a calm manner.

"I don't even recall how many years it's been since I last saw someone with so little disregard for the Nine Origin Daoist Temple, and it's a being from a lower realm! Haha, I wonder how the Nine Origin Dao Patriarch would react if he were to hear this," the dark-skinned man chortled with mirth.

"You're looking awfully relaxed. Are you not planning to continue this battle?" Han Li asked as he waved a hand to draw a golden storage bracelet from Ma Liang's body into his grasp.

"He's already dead, so the contract between us has been rendered null; why would I continue? Besides, without him, I'm not confident that I can take you down even with that dumb wyrm to assist me, so it would be foolish of me to persist. Rest assured, I won't be returning to the True Immortal Realm anytime soon, and I definitely won't tell anyone about what you did. The Nine Origin Dao Patriarch is constantly in seclusion, and there are people in the daoist temple adept in divination, but they won't be able to glean anything due to the resistance of the power between realms," the dark-skinned young man replied in a nonchalant manner.

"Why should I trust you? I don't know why a Heavenly Devilish Monarch is following a true immortal around, but the best way to make sure you keep a secret is to kill you," Han Li said with a cold smile.

The dark-skinned young man heaved

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