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The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool

Author: Tong Nieer

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Updated: 2021-10-13 12:58:10

Latest chapter: Chapter 682 - Qiao Qing is Cute

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《The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool》Latest chapter
Chapter 682 - Qiao Qing is Cute
Chapter 681 - They knew Qiao Qing was Talking about Herself
Chapter 680 - Did You Make a Move on My Sister Without Informing Me
Chapter 679
Chapter 678
Chapter 677
Chapter 676 - True Selves
Chapter 675 - Update 57
Chapter 674 - Update 56
Chapter 673 - Update 55
Chapter 672 - Update 54
Chapter 671 - Update 53
《The Almighty Rich Daughter is Explosively Cool》' main text
Chapter 682 - Qiao Qing is Cute
Chapter 681 - They knew Qiao Qing was Talking about Herself
Chapter 680 - Did You Make a Move on My Sister Without Informing Me
Chapter 679
Chapter 678
Chapter 677
Chapter 676 - True Selves
Chapter 675 - Update 57
Chapter 674 - Update 56
Chapter 673 - Update 55
Chapter 672 - Update 54
Chapter 671 - Update 53
Chapter 670: Update 52
Chapter 669: Update 51
Chapter 668: Update 50
Chapter 667: Update 49
Chapter 666: Update 48
Chapter 665: Update 47
Chapter 664: Update 46
Chapter 663: Update 45
Chapter 662: Update 44
Chapter 661: Update 43
Chapter 660: Update 42
Chapter 659: Update 41
Chapter 658: Update 40
Chapter 657: Update 39
Chapter 656: Update 38
Chapter 655: Update 37
Chapter 654: Update 36
Chapter 653: Update 35
Chapter 652: Update 34
Chapter 651: Update 33
Chapter 650: Update 32
Chapter 649: Update 31
Chapter 648: Update 30
Chapter 647: Update 29
Chapter 646: Update 28
Chapter 645: Update 27
Chapter 644: Update 26
Chapter 643: Update 25
Chapter 642: Update 24
Chapter 641: Update 23
Chapter 640: Update 22
Chapter 639: Update 21
Chapter 638: Update 20
Chapter 637: Update 19
Chapter 636: Update 18
Chapter 635: Update 17
Chapter 634: Update 16
Chapter 633: Update 15
Chapter 632: Update 14
Chapter 631: Update 13
Chapter 630: Update 12
Chapter 629: Update 11
Chapter 628: Update 10
Chapter 627: Update 9
Chapter 626 - Update 8
Chapter 625: Update 7
Chapter 624: Update 6
Chapter 623: Update 5
Chapter 622: Update 4
Chapter 621: Update 3
Chapter 620: Update 2
Chapter 619: Update 1
Chapter 618: Did She really think of Herself as the CEO’s Wife?!
Chapter 617: You’re good now
Chapter 616: You don’t have the Capability to
Chapter 615: Don’t Lust After Someone Else’s Girlfriend!
Chapter 614: Maybe I can Place First, Who Knows?
Chapter 613: You know Better than Me What I Want
Chapter 612: Does Third Master Jun want an Indirect Kiss from Me?
Chapter 611: Little Yi, You are Planning on Becoming a Homewrecker?
Chapter 610: I Spoil Him too Much
Chapter 609: Acknowledging the Owner
Chapter 608: This Human is not to be Messed with
Chapter 607: You’re an Animal Tamer?
Chapter 606: Public Display of Affection
Chapter 605: Jun Yexuan is Qiao Qing’s!
Chapter 604: You had this Day Coming!
Chapter 603: No Way She Actually wants to Ride the Guy?
Chapter 602: Then let’s Ride the Same Horse. I’ll Take Care of You
Chapter 601: Ten strikes and 10 in the Hole. Not a Single Miss!
Chapter 600: Hand me a Club
Chapter 599: Provocation
Chapter 598: One-Sided
Chapter 597: Isn’t She Third Young Master Jun’s Girlfriend?
Chapter 596: Are You Inviting Me in for a Kiss?
Chapter 595: Once You’ve Cheated on Jun Yexuan, I’ll Help You
Chapter 594: I want to chat with Qingqing in Private
Chapter 593: You’re Finally Under My Grasp
Chapter 592: You are a man with a small heart. You’re worried Gong Yi and Leng Yan would steal your girl
Chapter 591: Young Master Qi has a Dark Heart
Chapter 590: Gong Yi said that if we want his help, then Qingqing will need to personally visit country Z
Chapter 589: Honestly, you really shouldn’t be sad or mad over that dad of yours
Chapter 588: Do you know how much it hurts me to see you like this?
Chapter 587: Brother, do a DNA test!
Chapter 586: You don’t Recognize Me?
Chapter 585: Fifth… Fifth Brother, why are you here?
Chapter 584: What’s Wrong? Aren’t You Happy Your Dad is Cured?
Chapter 583: When Dad Wakes Up, can We get Married?
Chapter 582: She Couldn’t give Her Hope just to take it Away Later
Chapter 581: Qingqing, what should I do?
Chapter 580: What Happened to You?
Chapter 579: Fighting for Affection
Chapter 578: Last night, She Seemed to have Done Something Unspeakable
Chapter 577: Why does this Woman look like Jun Yexuan?
Chapter 576: Elope
Chapter 575: I don’t want to be Separated from My Brother and My Pork Hock!
Chapter 574: I want to see the Pork Hock Crossdress!
Chapter 573: Run Away from Home
Chapter 572: He knew his Third Brother’s Journey would be Difficult. But He didn’t know it would be this Difficult
Chapter 571: If You Call Me by the Name ‘Fifth Brother’, I’ll Give You even My Life
Chapter 570: Is Our Sister… Drunk?
Chapter 569: Good Brothers go Through Thick and Thin Together
Chapter 568: Big Brother’s Fox Skin got Ripped off Fast
Chapter 567: A Damaging Attack for Someone with Face Blindness
Chapter 566: If Someone wants to Provoke the Jun and the Qi Family, then Please, Try and Hurt her!
Chapter 565: It is the Qi family that isn’t Good Enough for Qingqing
Chapter 564: Our Sister’s Last Name is Qiao, First Name is Qing.
Chapter 563: The Big Brother will Always be the Big Brother
Chapter 562: Big brother, Please Start Your Performance
Chapter 561: Who Said there is no Granddaughter in this Family?
Chapter 560: Evidence
Chapter 559: Accept her into this Family? In her Dreams!
Chapter 558: Slow Down
Chapter 557: Flattery
Chapter 556: Accepted into the Family
Chapter 555: The Number One Lady
Chapter 554: Celebration
Chapter 553: You think I’m too Poor to Raise you?
Chapter 552: Aren’t you Qingqing’s Friend? How do you know my Brother?
Chapter 551: We are there to Ruin Things
Chapter 550: Tiantian, just get Ready to be Officially Welcomed into the Family Tonight
Chapter 549: Does aunty have a child? Does she have a daughter or a son?
Chapter 548: Though My Husband isn’t Around, I have a Great…
Chapter 547: I Found My Youngest Daughter!
Chapter 546: Look at that Woman. Doesn’t she look just like my mom when my mom was Younger?
Chapter 545: Did you go to the Capital City?
Chapter 544: Finally, Ms. Qiao is no Longer Alone
Chapter 543: A Capable Woman like her did not Need Anyone’s Protection!
Chapter 542: You better first get your father’s-in-law to agree then get the Qi family to accept you
Chapter 541: Where did your son come from?
Chapter 540: My Wife Ran Away
Chapter 539: I do Whatever I want
Chapter 538: What Should one do When one’s Wife is far too Direct?
Chapter 537: I Wish You Were My Granddaughter-in-law
Chapter 536: What’s Yours will Come Back to You
Chapter 535
Chapter 534: I don’t Acknowledge Other Species
Chapter 533: Save My Dad
Chapter 532: Have a Baby or get a Marriage License. What do You Prefer?
Chapter 531: I’m Good as Long as Qingqing Spoils Me
Chapter 530: You Care About Me
Chapter 529: To Visit the Love Rival
Chapter 528: Modern Version Lotus
Chapter 527: You think Jing Li Xuan is Worried about Your Pursuit?
Chapter 526: Face Slap
Chapter 525: A Threat
Chapter 524: Qingqing, Let’s go Elsewhere
Chapter 523: Birthday Gift
Chapter 522: If You have any Available Friends, You should Introduce Him
Chapter 521: The Dead Pig is not Afraid of Boiling Water
Chapter 520: Should we Introduce Her to Them?
Chapter 519: Failed Product
Chapter 518: Qingqing is being Possessive Over Me
Chapter 517: Just what Can’t You do?
Chapter 516: Qingqing, no way You are Really the National Hero?
Chapter 515: Why Would I Trouble Myself so much Just to get Rid of You?
Chapter 514: Qiao Qing is Furious
Chapter 513: She Must’ve Gone to Sky Entertainment
Chapter 512: That’s Qingqing’s Company!
Chapter 511: Are you Surprised? Are you Stunned?
Chapter 510: Could it be that Your Legs were Healed by Qingqing?
Chapter 509: National Hero? More like a National Moron!
Chapter 508: Could it be that She’s a Fake?
Chapter 507: Brother, let me tell you the Truth. I am the National Hero
Chapter 506: She’ll Sit Here and Watch that Woman get Herself Killed.
Chapter 505: Forcing a Donkey to Dance
Chapter 504: He Better not Give her any Chance to Escape!!
Chapter 503: I can Help You
Chapter 502: Use a Butcher Knife to Kill a Hen
Chapter 501: I Found the National Hero
Chapter 500: You’re the National Hero?!
Chapter 499: Straight Man Qi Yusen
Chapter 498: You Wronged My Girl
Chapter 497: Face Slapping
Chapter 496: You have no Right to Interview Me
Chapter 495: Jun Yexuan’s Plan
Chapter 494: Each Other’s Savior
Chapter 493: Qingqing is the Sky Entertainment CEO
Chapter 492: Who else? That’s our CEO!
Chapter 491: Do You Want to go to HR for Your Last Paycheck After the Party, or do You Want to go Now?
Chapter 490: Dog Bites Dog
Chapter 489: The Person She’s Been Looking Down on was the CEO?!
Chapter 488: Face Slapping
Chapter 487: Whatever You want to do, I will Cooperate
Chapter 486: Watch the Show
Chapter 485: Stirring up Trouble
Chapter 484: To Her, Qiao Qing could be Categorized as an Idiot
Chapter 483: A Dog Barks Louder when its Master Holds its Leash
Chapter 482: What can this Girl do for You if You Help Her?
Chapter 481: The Year End Party
Chapter 480: Taking the Outsider’s Side
Chapter 479: Did He Already Forget all the Glorious Things this Girl had Done?!
Chapter 478: Those Three Bastards sure knew Exactly What to do to Piss Off the Entire Family!
Chapter 477: Third Young Master Qi vs Third Young Master Jun. This Could really be Something.
Chapter 476: Good Luck, Buddy
Chapter 475: It Looks like We need to Sleep in the Same Room if I want to Keep an Eye on You – Love of My Life
Chapter 474: It’s Going to be such a Pity for Your Legs to Break Right After They Heal
Chapter 473: Lie. Keep on Lying
Chapter 472: Big Brother is a Talented Actor
Chapter 471: What have You been Hiding from Me?!
Chapter 470: G… grandma? Why are you here?
Chapter 469: Misunderstand what? That You Think of Me as a Tigress?
Chapter 468: Why is He Acting like He had Stepped on a Mine?
Chapter 467: Is there a Cat Around Here who Shares the Same Name?
Chapter 466: You Helped Me Out Once Again
Chapter 465: The Chase
Chapter 464: CEO, Come Party!
Chapter 463: Do the Kiss Scene for Me Right Now
Chapter 462: You’re Familiar with the Sky Entertainment Building?
Chapter 461: Who said She’s Someone Unrelated?!
Chapter 460: Go to Sky Entertainment
Chapter 459: Who is Leng Yan to you? You seem to be Protecting Him
Chapter 458: I’m Jealous
Chapter 457: Answer My Two Questions, and I’ll Let You Go
Chapter 456: Let Us Talk Through Your Liabilities and Responsibilities
Chapter 455: Mu Jinghang: My dad was in a Car Accident
Chapter 454: I Want to have Your Babies!
Chapter 453: Stealing Under Broad Daylight
Chapter 452: If You want a Hug, You can Hug Me
Chapter 451: Everyone, How’s the Show?!
Chapter 450: Her IQ is the Highest Here!
Chapter 449: Qingqing is a Group Favorite
Chapter 448: Third Brother, I Think I Saw Qingqing!
Chapter 447: Here to Find an Inheritor
Chapter 446: How did that Damn Woman try to Hurt My Sister?!
Chapter 445: Party
Chapter 444: I will Ban Them from Calling You Their Fourth Uncle
Chapter 443: He Scared Him Away
Chapter 442: You’re Going to Give Me Children and Grow Old with Me
Chapter 441: So What if I did it on Purpose?
Chapter 440: Get Away from Me!
Chapter 439: You had to work hard in your past eight lives to obtain such luck in this life
Chapter 438: Both My Third Brother, and My Sister-in-Law, Can Give You Hell with a Single Finger
Chapter 437: Woman of the House
Chapter 436: Qiao Qing Gets Her Fortune Told
Chapter 435: I See No Children in Your Future!
Chapter 434: Curiosity Killed the Cat
Chapter 433: Why Not Follow His Lead – Lead of Snatching People
Chapter 432: Candy, Candy, Candy
Chapter 431: Who Wouldn’t Want a Girl like that?
Chapter 430: Brother, it’ll be Impossible for You to Break Us Up
Chapter 429: Let Me Tell You, it’s Over Between You and My Sister!
Chapter 428: They Said the Third Young Master Jun and Qiao Qing are in Love Qing Hotel
Chapter 427: If those little radishes come into the world, there would be more people here to steal you away from me
Chapter 426: Let’s get Registered
Chapter 425: You’re Mine
Chapter 424: Two Young Masters From Two Different Countries Are Fighting Over the Same Girl!
Chapter 423: Young Master Qi and Sect Leader Feng, Which One Do You Prefer?
Chapter 422: Picking Bones from an Egg Face Slap
Chapter 421: Genius Young Woman
Chapter 420: That Guy has a Girlfriend Yet He Still Flirts Around?
Chapter 419: Mr. Steal-His-Girl is Here
Chapter 418: How Do I Look Compared to Third Young Master Jun?
Chapter 417: How Old are You This Year?
Chapter 416: She Must be the Modern God of Martial Arts
Chapter 415: She Could No Longer Get Up!
Chapter 414: Teach Me Ancient Martial Arts? You? You Think You’re Good Enough?
Chapter 413: From Today On, I Will be Your Martial Arts Master
Chapter 412: Okay, Then Let’s Break Up
Chapter 411: Everything Ends Today
Chapter 410: You Curated Your Own Demise
Chapter 409: Who Pulled Off that Move Just Now?
Chapter 408: Nobody Can Hurt Me
Chapter 407: Just How Many Identities Do You Have? Just Dish at Once
Chapter 406: Why did You Choose Me?
Chapter 405: I Now Very Genuinely Believe You are Not Good Enough for Qiao Qing
Chapter 404: She’s a Real Goddess!
Chapter 403: Mini Objects are Condensed Essences
Chapter 402: God of Racing, Come Out and Let Us Look at You
Chapter 401: God of Racing! You’re a Dominator!
Chapter 400: The God of Racing is Here!
Chapter 399: Who Said Women are Weaker than Men?
Chapter 398: My Impression of Feng Ci Cannot Get Any Worse!
Chapter 397: You Promiscuous Man! You Aren’t Good Enough for My Little Sister!
Chapter 396: Pitiful Qi Yunyan
Chapter 395: The Sons of the Qi Family Were Pitiful
Chapter 394: How Come I Feel like Qingqing is a Lot More Capable than You Two
Chapter 393: Success Brings Fame and Fortune, and Failure Brings Laughter and Generosity
Chapter 392: It Would be Over for His Third Bro
Chapter 391: I Wait for Your Victorious Return
Chapter 390: Morons, You’ll Regret this
Chapter 389: This Country has the God of Racing. Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 388: Date Openly Under Bright Sunlight
Chapter 387: Woman, Third Sister-in-Law, Sister
Chapter 386: Admit My Crime
Chapter 385: The Relationship’s Been Exposed
Chapter 384: Rain and Dew
Chapter 383: Because He Bullied Big Pork Hock!
Chapter 382: Is That You, Q?
Chapter 381: Go Away, Let Me do This
Chapter 380: How was He Going to Explain This to Those Obsessive Brothers of Hers?
Chapter 379: If Dead, I’ll Bury Her After I Eat
Chapter 378: To Me, She’s Greater Than Life
Chapter 377: Why Can’t My Girlfriend be here?
Chapter 376: You’ll Never be able to Repay Him in Your Lifetime!
Chapter 375: Fight Until the End
Chapter 374: Third Bro, Does Your Hip Hurt?
Chapter 373: You Don’t Need to Tie Me Down, I’m not Running Away
Chapter 372: They Sure are Brainless!
Chapter 371: Looks like Someone’s About to Turn Into an Ex!
Chapter 370: Brother is Jealous
Chapter 369: It was Indeed Me
Chapter 368: I Must’ve Been Blind!
Chapter 367: Even if You Are Not Afraid, I’m Afraid of Third Young Master Jun
Chapter 366: God of Racing
Chapter 365: Birthday
Chapter 364: Is there Something Going on Between You and Mu Jinghang?
Chapter 363: The CEO of Sky Entertianment… is you
Chapter 362: How did it Feel to be Spoiled by his Girl?
Chapter 361:
Chapter 360: Auntie Lian, Someone Here is Asking You to be Her Mother
Chapter 359: I am Yi Feili, the CEO of GR Corporation
Chapter 358: What a Scene Y’all are Making!
Chapter 357: I’m Not Getting Engaged
Chapter 356: That’s My Idol
Chapter 355: To Restore Your Memory, I Need a Laptop
Chapter 354: The Engagement Banquet
Chapter 353: Come Back and Get to Know Your Daughter
Chapter 352: Qiao Qing Lost Her Composure
Chapter 351: I’m Here for You
Chapter 350: What’s She Got to Compare?
Chapter 349: Jun Yexuan, Get Out
Chapter 348: Through the Rearview Mirror
Chapter 347: I Meant “Trash and Litter” Literally
Chapter 346: Pig Teammates
Chapter 345: I’m a Fan Of Such a Fascinating Author!
Chapter 344: Are You Going to Hand in Your Resignation Letter or Should I Fire You
Chapter 343: This Face Slap Sure is Loud!
Chapter 342: Face Slap Continued
Chapter 341: Face Slapping
Chapter 340: A Scribbler?
Chapter 339: Face Slapping in Progress
Chapter 338: Ancestor Qiao Qing
Chapter 337: If He Loves Me and Cares for Me, He Wouldn’t Miss My Wedding
Chapter 336: Take Off Your Pants
Chapter 335: Everyone From this Family was Evildoers
Chapter 334: Elder Bro, Hand Over Our Little Girly Cousin
Chapter 333: The Price to Pay for Being Famous
Chapter 332: Face Slapping
Chapter 331: Feng Ci is Coming Out And Making a Statement?
Chapter 330: I’m Not going to Give You Any Opportunity to Kill Your Husband
Chapter 329: Do I Look Like a Corpse to you?!
Chapter 328: Even If She Had to Kneel, She Needed to Spoil Qiao Qing
Chapter 327: Don’t Assume You can Sleep in Peace Just Because Qingqing Called You Her Boyfriend
Chapter 326: Third Young Master Jun, From This Moment On, We Are Going to Compete as Equals
Chapter 325: I Think Qingqing Is Settling By Being With You
Chapter 324: Brother, I’m In Love
Chapter 323: I Am Feng Ci, I’m Here For the Opening Ceremony
Chapter 322: I’ll Use My Head as Collateral!
Chapter 321: I Require Comforting
Chapter 320: It Looks Like I’ve Been Too Kind to You
Chapter 319: Take You Back
Chapter 318: Face Slap Tian Zhen
Chapter 317: I’m Sure Everyone has Questions In Their Mind. Let Me Explain to Everyone
Chapter 316: Face Slapping
Chapter 315: You Want an Explanation? I Will Give You One
Chapter 314: Doesn’t that Guy Remember He’s an Alumnus?
Chapter 313: For My Girl
Chapter 312: If You Ask Whether or Not You Have the Title Of the Boyfriend, You Do
Chapter 311: Are You Two Together Now?
Chapter 310: The Vinegar Jar Spilled Again
Chapter 309: Just Because You Don’t Want to Pursue Further, Doesn’t Mean Others are Willing to be the Scapegoats
Chapter 308: Qiao Qing’s Zither Playing Skill Was Far Suprior!
Chapter 307: Did His Girl Have to be So Cute!
Chapter 306: A Fight
Chapter 305: Time For Work
Chapter 304: My Face Is For My Wife’s Eyes Only
Chapter 303: How Could I Bare the Thought?
Chapter 302: That Bastard Dared to Scare Her!
Chapter 301: Blunt and Violent
Chapter 300: When He’s Not Around, I Can Use My Rights as the Boyfriend?
Chapter 299: You Dance, I Watch
Chapter 298: Third Bro, You Want to Meet Feng Ci Personally, Right?
Chapter 297: Jealous
Chapter 296: Dance Lesson
Chapter 295: Jun Yexuan, You’re Taking It Too Far!
Chapter 294: Just Like a Normal Sweet Couple
Chapter 293: I Will Teach My Girlfriend
Chapter 292: A Little Face Slapping
Chapter 291: Face to Name
Chapter 290: Couple Dance
Chapter 289: Am I Her Boyfriend Now?
Chapter 288: So I’m Your Boyfriend Now
Chapter 287: Don’t Fall In Love With Me, I’m Not Into Girl On Girl
Chapter 286: The Person You’re Up Against Cannot Be Provoked
Chapter 285: So What If I’m Doing It On Purpose?
Chapter 284: Who’s Our CEO?
Chapter 283: Counter Strike
Chapter 282: Face Slap
Chapter 281: The Girl They’ve Done Everything to Protect Turned Out To Be a Lot Stronger Than Expected
Chapter 280
Chapter 279: Because You Need Me
Chapter 278: Young Master Qi’s Face Turned Dark
Chapter 277: Trapped
Chapter 276: I Have Given You and You Sister a Chance
Chapter 275: Jun Yexuan’s Tiny Stomach
Chapter 274: Balding Old Man
Chapter 273: Even My Own Mother Wouldn’t Recognize Me
Chapter 272: Why Does He Spoil His Arrogant Sister So?
Chapter 271: Face Slapping
Chapter 270: A Test
Chapter 269: You Need To Trade With the Main Actress Role
Chapter 268: Threatening, the Prelude To Face Slapping
Chapter 267: You Don’t Need To Wield Me Like a Weapon
Chapter 266: You Also Like Author Feng Ci?
Chapter 265: The Audition
Chapter 264: What She Says Is Never What She Means
Chapter 263: Even White Lotuses Aren’t as B!tchy as Him!
Chapter 262: He Underestimated Him
Chapter 261: “Adoration” and “Pretty Woman”
Chapter 260: The Instructor is…
Chapter 259: Brother’s Jealous
Chapter 258: You Better Pray
Chapter 257: Pig Trotter Or Your Brother, Which One Do You Like More?
Chapter 256: Giggling on the Outside, Cursing on the Inside
Chapter 255: Qiao Qing Scouting
Chapter 254: This Journey of Pursuing His Future Wife Has Been Difficult Enough
Chapter 253: Brother Is Nervous
Chapter 252: It’s Not Like She’s Never Eaten It Before
Chapter 251: Our Boss Sure Is a Hot Commodity!
Chapter 250: Mind Sharing a Table?
Chapter 249: Support
Chapter 248: Threatening and Face Slapping
Chapter 247: The Ghost Lingers
Chapter 246: Who the Hell Is This?
Chapter 245: Boyfriend Power
Chapter 244: Don’t You Recognize Me?
Chapter 243: If I Don’t Respect You, You Would’ve Been Mine a Long Time Ago
Chapter 242: When Do I Get a Title?
Chapter 241: The Possessiveness of Two Men
Chapter 240: Drowning in the Boss’s Beauty
Chapter 239: Suspicion
Chapter 238: Face Slapping Continued
Chapter 237: Face Slapping
Chapter 236: Enemies Often Cross Paths
Chapter 235: Is the Miss Familiar With the Capital City?
Chapter 234: Those Who Don’t Know Would Think You’re in Love With Her
Chapter 233: Jealous of the Brother-in-Law
Chapter 232: Even Though You are Her Brother, I am Not Afraid To Steal Her Away From You
Chapter 231: I’m Your Real Sister, Right?
Chapter 230: Possessiveness
Chapter 229: Desire To Survive
Chapter 228: Third Young Master Jun, Where’s Your Shame
Chapter 227: I Can Give Her the Whole World Myself
Chapter 226: Sister Obsessed
Chapter 225: The Quietest Ones Are the Ones Who Get Stuff Done
Chapter 224: Third brother! Someone Is Stealing the Fruit of Your Labor!
Chapter 223: Asking For a Title
Chapter 222: Let Her Go!
Chapter 221: Face Slapping Continued
Chapter 220: Face Slapping
Chapter 219: Just who is this Girl?
Chapter 218: Jun Yexuan is Furious
Chapter 217: The Call
Chapter 216: Face Slapping
Chapter 215: It was Over For This Girl
Chapter 214
Chapter 213: His Brother Couldn’t Survive Without Qiao Qing
Chapter 212: Jun Yexuan, Overbearingly Protective of His Wife
Chapter 211: Punishment
Chapter 210: Why Was She So Naive Before?!
Chapter 209: Disinfect and Sterilize
Chapter 208: Catching Her Red Handed
Chapter 207: Princess Style
Chapter 206: So It Appeared Her Daughter Was Charming
Chapter 205: Hubby
Chapter 204: Qiao Qing Is Drunk
Chapter 203: Mischevious Jun Yexuan
Chapter 202: Take One Second To Mourn For Qiao Qing
Chapter 201: Rampaging Jun Yexuan
Chapter 200: Dinner Party
Chapter 199: Between You And I, You Never Have to Say Thank You
Chapter 198: From Now On, He Would Be The One To Protect Her World
Chapter 197: Heartache
Chapter 196: Some People Just Don’t Get It
Chapter 195: When You Meet a Nice Guy Like Him, Why Would You Wait
Chapter 194: Birthday Wish
Chapter 193: Face Slapping
Chapter 192: This Slap Sure Is Loud
Chapter 191: Face Slapping
Chapter 190: Face Slapping In Progress
Chapter 189: Treat Me Like I’m Your Brother
Chapter 188: I Will Wait For the Day Qingqing Completely Accepts Me And Becomes My Bride
Chapter 187: Two Extraordinary Men Fighting Over One Girl?
Chapter 186: The Number One Power Force of the Capital City – The Third Young Master of the Jun Family
Chapter 185: Face Slapping
Chapter 184: Asking for Marriage
Chapter 183: Replacing Her Son-in-Law
Chapter 182: Hundreds of Families Serve To Please the Family With the Daughter
Chapter 181: Let Her Gloat a Bit
Chapter 180: Face Slapping
Chapter 179: Young Master Qi Is Here
Chapter 178: Crushed Into Pieces
Chapter 177: Number One Scholar
Chapter 176: Taking Home
Chapter 175: Qi Yusen
Chapter 174: There Are No What If’s. She Can Only Be Mine
Chapter 173: I’m Your Only Choice
Chapter 172: The Zipper
Chapter 171: Gown
Chapter 170: Is It Possible That Qingqing Is Feng Ci
Chapter 169: Qingqing, Are You Human?
Chapter 168: Exam Marks
Chapter 167: Why Did It Feel Like His Brother’s Head Was Green
Chapter 166: Don’t the Single People Deserve Human Right?
Chapter 165: Out of It
Chapter 164: This Is Unbearable
Chapter 163: You Drank From a Bottle I Drank From
Chapter 162: You Can’t Just Sit In Any Man’s Front Passenger Seat
Chapter 161: Third Young Master Jun’s Worry
Chapter 160: Girlfriend??
Chapter 159: The Little Girl Was About To Turn Into an Adult?
Chapter 158: How To Deal With a Love Rival
Chapter 157: I Was Right About You
Chapter 156: The World Must Be Crazy!
Chapter 155: Is she really Stupid?
Chapter 154: This Face Slap Sure came Fast!
Chapter 153: Face Slapping Continued
Chapter 152: Face Slapping
Chapter 151: Speak If You Want, Fart If You Must
Chapter 150: The Prelude to Face Slapping
Chapter 149: A Giant Misunderstanding
Chapter 148: Double-Faced Girl
Chapter 147: Thank Me Using A Different Method
Chapter 146: Unless I Die, You Are Mine this Lifetime
Chapter 145: If You Ask the Third Brother to Let Me Go Back, I Won’t Object to You Becoming My Sister-in-Law
Chapter 144: Don’t You Like Being Alive
Chapter 143: Exhilarating and Satisfying
Chapter 142: Asking for Justice!
Chapter 141: Face Slapping in Progress
Chapter 140: It Would Be Great If He Can Bring Qingqing Home as My Granddaughter-in-Law
Chapter 139: Stop Talking Bullsh!t. Which One of You Three Wants To Go First?
Chapter 138: Teach Them How To Be a Decent Human Being
Chapter 137: Utter Humiliation!
Chapter 136: We Have Placed all Our Hope on You
Chapter 135: Call Me Senior Once You Get In
Chapter 134: Go Competition (2)
Chapter 133: Go Competition (1)
Chapter 132: An Eye For an Eye, a Tooth For a Tooth
Chapter 131: Is Qingqing in a Relationship?
Chapter 130: He Who Lies with Dogs Will Rise with Fleas
Chapter 129: Untitled
Chapter 128: He Didn’t Mind Being a Pyscho
Chapter 127: If She’s Delusional Over Me, I Would Wake Up Smiling
Chapter 126: Punishment
Chapter 125: Three Doctors, Eight Nurses
Chapter 124: Scram! I Want Qingqing!
Chapter 123: Take Your Third Brother and Get Out
Chapter 122: Qiao Qing Is Furious
Chapter 121: Public Declaration of Love
Chapter 120: A Dumbfounded Qiao Qing
Chapter 119: Wrong Assumptions
Chapter 118: Young Master Jun Purposely Dropped the Ball
Chapter 117: Jun Yexuan Is Drunk
Chapter 116: Play Go Against me? Her? She’s not Worthy
Chapter 115: You Black Sheep of a Woman! You Think it’s Easy to Make Money?!
Chapter 114: Face Slapping
Chapter 113: Face Slapping in Progress
Chapter 112: I Will Sit Here and Watch You as You Inflict Death Upon Yourself
Chapter 111: Immeasurable Treasure
Chapter 110: Tell Me Which Trash Can You Are Going to Throw it Out in
Chapter 109: Interacting With a Dumb Donkey Like Him Lowers My IQ
Chapter 108: Birthday Gift
Chapter 107: Impressing All Those Present
Chapter 106: I’m Truly Done For
Chapter 105: Someone She Must Spoil even If She Has to Kneel
Chapter 104: Do You even Know Who Figured Out the Exquisite Unrivaled Positioning?
Chapter 103: That Old Scoundrel
Chapter 102: A Duck Talks to a Chicken
Chapter 101
Chapter 100: She didn’t Counterattack, she Merely Never Revealed her True Skills
Chapter 99: Have you gone Crazy or have I?
Chapter 98: Didn’t want them Alive!
Chapter 97: You have Good Grades, you can be Impetuous
Chapter 96: A Hard Slap!
Chapter 95: Face Slapping in Progress
Chapter 94: A Deserving Number 1!
Chapter 93: Mr. Yang, is there a Typo?
:Chapter 92 Did an Honor Student miss the Last Practice Exam?
Chapter 91: The Prelude to Face Slapping
Chapter 90: The Exam
Chapter 89: Irreplaceable Number one big Sister
Chapter 88: The Third Young Master is Picking up Qingqing
Chapter 87: Inappropriate to Steal her from Right in Front of my Eyes
Chapter 86: Then, how do you feel about my Son?
Chapter 85: Does Ms. Liang’s Face Hurt?!
Chapter 84: Face Slapping
Chapter 83: Just who is that Girl?
Chapter 82: Does big sis Qiao need a Girlfriend? I Volunteer!!
Chapter 81: I can Explain
Chapter 80: Expelled
Chapter 79: Your Husband is being Checked Out, aren’t you Jealous
Chapter 78: Nobody can Out-coquet this Guy
Chapter 77: Qingqing, you sure are Stingy!
Chapter 76: I’m Here to Find my Woman
Chapter 75: Threaten me? First, Check if you have the Capability
Chapter 74: To Provoke them or not, will be up to me
Chapter 73: Qiao Qing is Angered and is Standing up for the Mother and Daughter Pair
Chapter 72: Trust, Okay?
Chapter 71: How Much?
Chapter 70: She Wanted to Choke the man Beside her to Death
Chapter 69: Perhaps by then, you would have Fallen in Love with me
Chapter 68: Now that I’ve Decided to Come Back, I have no Plan on Letting you go
Chapter 67: Jun Yexuan’s Overbearingness
Chapter 66: Do you have no effing idea what you look like?
Chapter 65: Might as Well Drop her and let her Die!
Chapter 64: Princess Hug
Chapter 63: Little Xuan is far Calmer than you
Chapter 62: Handsome boy, Beautiful girl, it’s a Match!
Chapter 61: What if I told you, I am Feng Ci?
Chapter 60: Self Inflicted Humiliation
Chapter 59: It is Qingqing who is Giving these to you
Chapter 58: Slap in the Face
Chapter 57: There Won’t be a Next Time
Chapter 56: I’ll Teach those who Dare to make the Princess Angry a Lesson
Chapter 55: Bring me the Book, I’ll get it Signed for you
Chapter 54
Chapter 53: An Unwelcomed Guest
Chapter 52: Does this mean you have Accepted me as your Future Husband?
Chapter 51: Qiao Qing, Don’t Stir up Trouble
Chapter 50: His Gene is so weak that your Intelligence took after your Mother
Chapter 49: Difference in Treatment
Chapter 48: Face Slapping is in Progress
Chapter 47: Qingqing, are you trying to take my Spot?
Chapter 46: The Jerk who Gives her mom such a Hard Time
Chapter 45: Parent Teacher Meeting
Chapter 44: Am I Unmarriable?
Chapter 43: You Heartless Girl, you won’t miss me at all?
Chapter 42: How Sweet
Chapter 41: This is Qiao Qing’s Current Fiance
Chapter 40: Throw out these two Shameless People!
Chapter 39 - Of Course I’m here to Bring Qiao Qing Justice
Chapter 38 - Qiao Qing Angered, Face Slapping Begins
Chapter 37 - Sly Boy Jun Yexuan
Chapter 36 - Useless even if You Call Me Dad
Chapter 35 - The Ill Intended Qiao Qing
Chapter 34 - Dumb but Rich
Chapter 33 - He Was Jealous like Crazy
Chapter 32 - Then I Will Marry Her
Chapter 31 - Jealousy
Chapter 30 - You Can do Whatever You Want to Me, just Don’t Ignore Me
Chapter 29 - Self Directed and Self Performed Drama!
Chapter 28 - Who’s Teaching Whom How to Be a Person?
Chapter 27 - I Promise to Teach Her a Hard Lesson this Time!
Chapter 26 - A Young Man Dressed in White, Walking out of a Manga
Chapter 25 - Luo Chen
Chapter 24 - If You Lost Your Memory, then Go Find the Policeman
Chapter 23 - Strong Murderous Aura!
Chapter 22 - She Has Severe Face Blindness
Chapter 21 - The Hero Saving the Beauty
Chapter 20 - Third Brother, Why Are You Following Qiao Qing?
Chapter 19 - Flirtatious Quarrels
Chapter 18 - Auntie, I’m Male!
Chapter 17 - Am I so Undeserving of Your Fondness?
Chapter 16 - There Are too many Mysteries Surrounding that Girl
Chapter 15 - I’m Looking for Qiao Qing
Chapter 14 - The Sect Leader Asked Me to Give You this
Chapter 13 - I Can Wait for Qiao Qing to Grow Up
Chapter 12 - How about I be Your Son-in-Law?
Chapter 11 - Qiao Qing Is Abusive
Chapter 10 - A Slap in the Face. Who Are You?
Chapter 9 - What Are You all Fighting about!
Chapter 8 - Breaking off the Engagement
Chapter 7 - Jun Yexuan Wants to Investigate Qiao Qing?
Chapter 6 - From Today Onwards, I’m Yours
Chapter 5 - Enchantingly Beautiful and Dangerously Handsome
Chapter 4 - Feng Hen
Chapter 3 - Advanced Stage of Liking-the-Handsome Syndrome
Chapter 2 - Tell Him, this Person Is Now under My Possession
Chapter 1 - Paying with My Own Body