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Chapter 415

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Chapter 415

Late morning…

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Libado Gra.s.slands…

Ai, the minor forest deity, and the hornets were hosts as well as Team Stone's audience. They didn't seem to mind, most likely having nothing else better to do than steal honeybee honey or listen to their queen whine about not having a s.e.x drive. Good thing the minor G.o.ddess had to possess the queen hornet to interact with Satovia directly. Clyde was sure she could manifest, but something most likely prevented her from doing so.

Toru started the group with the basic combat training before moving onto the advanced segments. Ako also chimed in, adding in valuable tips and tricks, and even breathing and posture. Natalia and Naoko took charge of the magic teachings. Clyde used that opportunity to at last, read his books. The only one he decided not to use was the Book of the Diplomat Path. Something felt off about it. He also didn't use the Book of Cucking for obvious reasons. It felt like a collectible rather than something actually useful.

[Book of Blue Ki level 2. (Upgraded by Tear.)]

[Book of Dual-wielding: Item cla.s.s: *Legendary. ]

[Book of Dual-casting: Item cla.s.s: *Legendary.]

[Book of Tri-casting: Item cla.s.s: *Legendary.]

[Book of Blood Ki Spell: Possession. Item cla.s.s: *Relic*. Item value: *priceless*]

[You have learned Pa.s.sive Blue Ki skill: Reptilian Communication level 1. You may converse with and understand all reptilian animals and dragon races regardless of form. You may also influence their will. The higher you level this skill up, the more will you can exert. You have received +1% dragon blood.]

[You have learned Pa.s.sive skill Dual-wielding. With this, you may successfully wield two weapons at the same time. Chances of triggering a duo attack increases.]

[You have learned Dual and Tri casting. You can now cast up to three spells at the exact same time. NOTE: this can and will drain a lot of MP at once, depending on the spells, however with it, you could accomplish some intense feats. Discovering new abilities and experimenting is truly within your grasp.]

[Are you sure you want to learn this blood Ki skill? Warning: the use of blood Ki is highly dangerous and can be damaging, even fatal.]

Clyde selected yes. Why the h.e.l.l wouldn't he learn from a f.u.c.king RELIC-level book. His only regret was that the item would be gone, leaving his relic count at zero. Sure, legendaries were difficult to find, but relics were d.a.m.n near impossible. The young man wondered if anything beyond them even existed in Satovia.

[You have learned *Blood Ki Skill: Possession level 1. Skill cla.s.s: **Relic**. Target one sentient being. You may possess that person for up to fifteen minutes, a.s.suming you're about to dominate his or her will. The WILL stat will play a huge roll here. It is highly recommend

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