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Chapter 2912 - Blood Tool Sect Ancestors

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Chapter 2912 Blood Tool Sect Ancestors

“Tisura Sealing Yin Formation! Gather!”

Accompanied by Chu Fangzhi’s howl, twenty Middle Divine King and eight Early Divine King experts teamed up and struck out at the same time. They had got the traps set and rushed at Ling Yanyu directly to hunt him down. The entire Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect had undergone great changes and their lives were at stake. Nearly half of the hundred thousand disciples were sacrificed and the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect turned into great sheets of flames. Countless disciples had died, bloodshed, misery and sufferings were everywhere.

“It’s not so easy to kill me!”

Ling Yanyu thundered, holding the halberd as he soared up into the sky. He was travelling back and forth in the Thunder Rush Double Cloud Mace wildly while the formation formed by the twenty eight Divine Kings attacked him both in front and rear. At the moment, he was utterly constrained. He could not easily deal with the formation that was casted by thirty Divine King experts. No one would underestimate the mightiness of thirty of them. Even as a Divine King expert, Ling Yanyu dared not deal with it easily.

“I will see how long you can hold. It has been three years and you should’ve woken up by now. You are digging your own grave to continue fighting our Blood Tool Sect. Humph.”

Chu Yunji said with a cold smile, he launched a series of attacks towards Ling Yanyu. Under the constraint of the Tisura Sealing Yin Formation, Ling Yanyu was acting carefully and each of his courses of action was in great threat and danger. In fact, he had been suffering a serious wound for a long period of time after fighting for years and it was getting worse this time.

There were seven battles over these three years. Ling Yanyu drove the enemy back each time by himself and preserved the dignity of the Earthly Fire Heavenly Lightning Sect successfully. However, the enemy had made their final decision this time. Thirty Divine King experts teamed up and tried to kill him at the same time. While another ten Divine King experts were fighting against the remaining Divine Kings, even Ling Yun, Yang Le and the ten greatest elders had been backed into a corner and they could hardly strike back at the moment.

Ling Yanyu nearly exhausted all his skills and spent the powers of the sect to make them retreat each time. Only half of the disciples survived and they could hardly resist the current attack.

Ling Yanyu was holding two weapons that were surging with thunder and flames. He was fighting against hundreds of them alone aggressively. It made Chu Yunji and the others turn pale. Besides, Ling Yanyu was not over the hill at the moment. The mightiness and dignity of a Divine King expert was greatly shown. His terrifying strength was slightly superior to the Tisura Sealing Yin Formation.

However, Ling Yanyu could not take a moment to breathe at all in the fa

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