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westcorphotels > Monster Paradise > Chapter 1666. Going Into Closed-Door Cultivation Again

Chapter 1666. Going Into Closed-Door Cultivation Again

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Chapter 1666. Going Into Closed-Door Cultivation Again

Since Lin Huang had no idea whether the anomaly in the Nirvana Trees’ connection to the death spring would be temporary or permanent, he did not dare let the opportunity slip by just like that. He immediately focused his entire being and received the massive volume of information resources furiously.

He was afraid that if he bypassed this round of benefits and the connection channel returned to the state that Nine Gloom had encountered, that would be a bitter pill to swallow.

However, Lin Huang did not look over all this information in detail this time.

Not only did he not look through it in detail, but he only preserved lord-level information resources. Any information resources below lord-level, he stored in memory crystals.

To prevent redundant information in his mind, he completely sealed all of the information resources lower than lord-level after they had been transferred to the memory crystals.

Days passed in the virtual realm cabin.

After an indeterminate amount of time, Lin Huang had accumulated tens of thousands of lord-level inheritances in his mind. The Nirvana Trees’ retrieval of information resources from the death spring still showed no signs of drying up at all. Not only that, the absorption speed did not slow down in the least.

Only now was he basically able to confirm that the unusual connection between the Nirvana Trees within him and the death spring was most probably not a temporary one. Although he had no way of being sure whether it was permanent or not, he felt that it would not stop in the immediate future.

He did indeed feel that the information resources he had retrieved were more than sufficient.

More importantly, the thousands of memory crystals in his storage rings were all full.

Lin Huang put aside the information transfer from the Nirvana Trees for now. He did not bring out the bodies of the two Lords in his storage ring to refine their Kingdoms. Instead, he got up right away and left the virtual realm cabin.

As soon as he returned to the Ricky Star, he contacted Bloody through telepathic voice transmission.

He transferred all of the inheritances to Bloody through telepathic voice transmission, including the lord-level inheritances.

As the load of information was massive, even with telepathic voice transmission, Lin Huang spent a full day and a half to complete transferring all the information resources.

After delegating the task of sorting out the information to Bloody, he returned to the God Territory within him in a flash.

He gave the entire batch of memory crystals to Yang Ling so he could digitize the information and sort it out for storage.

After seeing to the matter of the memory crystals, Lin Huang returned to the Ricky Star again.

Now he finally had the time to take out his Royal Token to check on the auction status of the Dao Weapons.

The final bid

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