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westcorphotels > Almighty Sword Domain > Chapter 1472 – Ruthlessness Is The Way!

Chapter 1472 – Ruthlessness Is The Way!

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Chapter 1472 – Ruthlessness Is The Way!

The giant moved farther and farther back, and it was moving quicker and quicker. It didn’t take long for the giant to have moved around 3km back, and it was far away from the river.

It gazed at the river for a long time, and then it turned around and left.

What about Yang Ye?

Yang Ye was still speeding up.

Around 15 minutes later, Yang Ye had stopped. At this moment, he noticed that the giant hadn’t followed him here.

Yang Ye frowned on the spot. Has it really fallen into the river?

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a while, and then he shook his head and decided to pay no further attention to the giant. He would naturally not turn back and have a look. After all, he would be courting death if he turned around and encountered the giant.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings. At this moment, he couldn’t differentiate between north, south, east, or west.

Because he’d been leading the giant all over the place, and as he ran and ran, he’d lost his sense of direction.

However, as far as he was concerned, this place didn’t seem to be dangerous!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he continued forward.

The miasma wasn’t very dense here. It was thin and scarce like smoke, and it didn’t really affect his vision. He could see everything within an area of 3km around him, but his vision farther than that was quite blurry.

Fortunately, it was much better than the parts of the Ominous Territory that he’d previously passed through!

All along the way, Yang Ye sized up the surroundings incessantly. Presently, he intended to figure out where he was. He wasn’t here to just go around randomly; his objective was the Forest of Darkness.

As he walked and walked, Yang Ye felt like something was off.

It was quiet!

It was extremely quiet all along the way, and there was no vitality in it. It was different from the quiet atmosphere in the forest from before. That forest was quiet, but it had vitality. However, this place felt like it was frozen. It wasn’t just quiet; it didn’t have a shred of vitality. Many people may not understand such a vague concept like vitality, but if someone went to a cemetery late at night, then it would be easy to understand.

Something is off! Yang Ye frowned while a bad feeling arose in his heart. Moreover, it was growing stronger as he went deeper into this area.

Experts at his level of cultivation possessed a certain level of ability to sense danger.

Once the feeling of danger grew stronger and stronger, Yang Ye couldn’t help but stop. Because he hadn’t had such a feeling even when he encountered the towering giant!

So, an extremely dangerous existence was definitely up ahead!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and was about to retreat. Because he felt that he couldn’t continue forward in this direction.

Suddenly, a middle aged man in a luxurious robe suddenly appeared around 3m away from Yang Ye.

Yang Ye

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