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Volume N/A - CH 244

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Chapter 244: Cloud Whale

The Cloud Concealing Body Technique he had relied on to become famous had seemingly become useless. The attack was directed at his hidden body. This situation made endless questions appear in Lǚ Yang’s mind, but it was not the time to talk about this. He needed to block the oncoming electromagnetic pellet.

As he had been vigilant, he was able to resist the attack. When the pellet was shot, the cloud in the front had already exploded. Following that, the clouds within a distance of 300 meters from it exploded successively, deflecting the pellet of the Super Electromagnetic Gun.

While he was defending himself, Lǚ Yang’s attacks didn’t stop. Aside from the huge cloudy mist ball that kept surging forward, the dozen clones surrounded Lin Yao like heavenly troops.

As a result, the onlookers witnessed a magnificent battle in the air. Flapping his Tempest Wings and dashing in the air, Lin Yao controlled the gale and released thunder and lightning. While facing the besiege of numerous cloudy mist heavenly soldiers, he had also unlocked the first level of his gene lock and removed his body shackles to increase his reaction speed.

With all his might, Lin Yao was flashing constantly like an electric light in the air. Some of the ordinary martial artists couldn’t even catch a clear glimpse of Lin Yao’s movements.

Lǚ Yang was not weak either. Although the cloud and mist were not as fast as Lin Yao, who was reigning over wind and thunder, they were massive in size and numbers. In addition, this was an arena competition in a limited area, which was very disadvantageous for Lin Yao.

As the massive cloudy mist ball approached, dozens of cloudy mist figures continued to chase and surround Lin Yao. Occasionally, a giant cloudy mist palm or cloudy mist heavenly soldier would shoot out from the huge cloudy mist ball and explode when it closed in on Lin Yao.

During this rapid hunt and encirclement, the raging and chaotic bombardment of clouds and mist, Lin Yao’s control of wind and thunder, his graceful soaring moves, which were akin to those of a swift in the storm, as well as the electromagnetic pellets, shot out from time to time as he flew, making all the spectators below the arena cheer consecutively.

“Wow. It’s so beautiful. What an amazing aerial battle.”

“Damn it… Are they that strong? I don’t think I could hold on for a second up there.”

“Lǚ Yang is certainly a genius that deserves to be on the Hidden Dragons List. Look at that ball of clouds and mist. He’s like an aircraft carrier.”

“Lin Yao is fairly good too. He is extremely agile, and his Super Electromagnetic Gun is also unparalleled.”

“Lǚ Yang is still stronger. He has the advantage in terms of inner strength and is now actively attacking. If Lin Yao can’t dodge successfully, it is going to be… dangerous!”

There was more than one person shouting this. Lin Yao, who was flying rapidly in the air, was seemingly besieged. Wit

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