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Volume N/A - CH 254

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Chapter 254: Heaven and Earth Furnace

As he studied at a rapid learning speed, Lin Yao also understood something. His LV4 was different from that of a character in a certain comic.

The level of the thunder ability of Misaka Mikoto had always been fairly low, probably at LV2 or LV3. She could display prowess equivalent to a LV5 ability because of her super arithmetic ability, not chemistry in combination with thunderbolts. However, Lin Yao was still lacking in this aspect. Ever since he’d unlocked the brain domain limiter, his arithmetic ability had only reached LV3.

‘Misaka Mikoto has a strong arithmetic ability, while I have strong talent. If I combine my Heavenly Thunder LV4 and LV3 arithmetic ability, my prowess is not any lesser than hers. Besides, martial artists have stronger bodies, so I am able to withstand and carry a greater force. Therefore, my powers might be even stronger.’

His studying session in the morning and body development afterward went on as usual. Lin Yao’s physical strength would increase by 5.5% after the first physical development. After the second development, the total daily increase in his physical strength would be 11%. This was extremely fast progress. Although Lin Yao’s limit was 1,500%, this meant that he would be able to completely temper his body and advance to a silver warlord in about four months.

‘If I can maintain my current speed, I will be able to meet the other requirements of the Chinese military in just four months. In fact, the actual duration might be shorter. The foundation is already in operation, and the large sum of money pumped in is being converted into energy. It will take at most 10 days for me to accumulate enough energy to advance the Celestial Tree. When the tree is upgraded, I will be able to withstand a longer development session per day.

‘I wonder how much improvement the next upgrade will bring me. Will it be 20% or 30%?’

Lin Yao was pondering his future. What he didn’t know was that the advancement of the Celestial Tree would bring him more benefits than he could imagine.

After the first physical development, Lin Yao simply consumed the No. 7 Holy Water. He quickly absorbed the light energy in the holy water and regained his mobility in half an hour. During this half an hour, under the protection of Sha Feng, he had already left the University of Monster Science and Technology and arrived at the Heaven and Earth Dojo.

“You must be Junior Brother Lin Yao? Elder Wei has been waiting for you.”

“Thank you.”

After responding politely, Lin Yao headed inside the dojo. Now that he had some understanding, he knew that the Heaven and Earth Dojo was very powerful. However, after arriving at this place, Lin Yao noticed that it didn’t have that many members.

The senior brother who received Lin Yao and led him into the dojo premises was about 28 or 29 years old. As though he had read Lin Yao’s mind, he said with a bitter smile, “The Heaven and Earth

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