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Volume N/A - CH 262

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Chapter 262: The First Day of Spirit Energy Tide

‘The current cultivation method is enabling all my body cells to devour energy. They will become stronger after they fully digest the energy obtained this time. Following that, they will be able to devour more energy in one go. The chances of doubling my strength will be very high next time.’

At the thought of this, Lin Yao gasped coldly. He was freaking out. Aside from his astonishment, feelings of fear also welled in his heart.

It was good to be able to increase one’s cultivation speed. However, Lin Yao sensed imminent danger, as this was too fast and uncontrollable.

‘I can barely provide 90% of the energy needed. With the Great Sun God Pattern, I can forcibly supply 180% or 360% of energy. But what about 720%, which is double 360%?’

After contemplating it for a while, Lin Yao discovered he was not able to provide that much sunlight currently. Although there were alternatives, such as the Water of Life and the power of thunderbolt, the former had no inhibitory effect on activated cells, and the cells would grow freely. The latter was too violent, and receiving a huge amount of thunderbolt power without resisting might cause Lin Yao to die from electrocution.

Besides, Lin Yao had a sense of foreboding. If he was unable to feed the starving, activated cells, something bad would happen. Lin Yao had satisfied the hunger of the cells this time, which had resulted in changes occurring after three minutes of electrocution.

‘In the end, what matters most is the power of sunlight, which is open and honest and can restrain all evil. There is a reason why it is called positive energy.’

Praising the holy light, Lin Yao ended the development. He then told Professor Li what he had experienced and sought his help to study the principles.

“I am aware of your situation now and I will do my best to research this in the next few days.” After pausing for a moment, Professor Li reminded him, “I suggest you take a break for two or three days before proceeding with the next development. Your progress is… too fast.”

“I know. I’ll undergo the next development in three days.”

In the past, Lin Yao wouldn’t dare delay. However, this time, he took the initiative to postpone it.

He had found a quick way, but he also wanted stability.

As he was leaving the research institute, Lin Yao couldn’t help but look at his personal interface again, searching for changes in his attributes.

After a careful round of searching, Lin Yao discovered that, in addition to the substantial improvement of his physical body, his mental strength scale had also advanced from 242 to 272. This was an increase of 30 points after just three minutes of development.

‘How did this happen?’ Greeted by this sudden, incredible change, he was extremely shocked. ‘Has my Sea of Consciousness expanded, or did my brain cells get stronger, thereby increasing my mental strength?’

Lin Yao couldn’t figur

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