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westcorphotels > I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart > Volume N/A - CH 250
Chapter 250: On Par With a Gold Warlord?

“That military officer is not using credits, right?”

As he followed Lin Yao’s gaze, Song Ji nodded. “He is not using credits. He’s using merit points.”

“Are we allowed to use merit points here?”

When he saw the surprised look in Lin Yao’s eyes, Senior Brother Song’s expression was still calm.

“Of course. Merit points can be exchanged for things in the Treasure Chamber of the military personnel. This is a hard currency accepted in many places.”

“Let’s go then.”

Upon hearing Lin Yao’s words, Song Ji was ready to lead the team inside the institute. However, after taking a few steps, he discovered that Lin Yao wasn’t following him but had gone to the location of the Radiance Array instead. Song Ji could only smile wryly.

“Junior Brother, I have already spent all my credits. Please wait for a while. I’ll definitely bring you here at the beginning of next month.”

“It’s alright. I can use my own.”

After speaking, Lin Yao switched on his special cell phone and accessed the interface of the military personnel’s Treasure Chamber.

Song Ji was visibly stunned by Lin Yao’s action. “How did you get this? This is only for people who have participated in fights and killings with criminals and freaks.”

“Coincidentally, I’ve helped military personnel several times before.”

“How many merit points do you have? Although you have not graduated and the cost of using the array is half that of an adult’s, the Radiance Array is still quite expensive.”

“I recall having more than 5,000 points, but I spent 1,000 points in exchange for a lot of materials yesterday, so I have 4,000 points left. Is that enough?”

As Lin Yao inquired about this, he felt somewhat worried, but he soon noticed that Senior Song Ji looked dumbstruck.

“5,000? How did you get 5,000 points? I remember you becoming a warlord only a short time ago. You earned 5,000 merit points when you were just a martial artist!?”

Song Ji was truly shocked. Most of the universities shared missions with the military personnel and constables. Students who were about to graduate, such as juniors and seniors, would have to complete certain field missions. This was both an assessment and a trial.

They would be rewarded with academic credits and merit points for helping the military personnel and constables. As a student of the University of Monster Science and Technology, Song Ji had naturally completed several official missions. This was precisely why he knew how difficult it was to obtain merit points.

“I participated in field missions only after reaching the silver level. Because of my lack of experience, I didn’t complete my first few missions and I had to rely on the military personnel and senior brothers to make up for my shortcomings. I became more proficient later on, but it’s considered a huge gain to get 1,000 points in one trip. For 5,000 points, I’d have to complete five missions!”

Lin Yao ru

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