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Volume N/A - CH 239

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Chapter 239: Silver Warlord in One Year

“Mr. Lin Yao, if you can defeat the other worlds that invade us and station the legion there, many of your restrictions will be removed.”

“To what extent?”

“Qin Xue and the others will be allowed to stay outside so long as you don’t bring them into the army camp. No one will be able to tell on you about some minor issues… In addition, you will obtain a lot of resources if you trade or mine in the other worlds that you’ve conquered. All of this will be considered the personal property of your legion.”

After she said that, she paused for a moment before continuing. “Although the country wants to lead the people like it did in the past, times have changed and the changes are becoming increasingly drastic. I heard that there is a stronger existence than the heavenly king. If this is true, the country’s situation will change again. No matter what you plan to do, one can’t go wrong with possessing great power.”

Qin Ya’s words made Lin Yao go silent. It was only at this moment that he remembered that the Spirit Energy Revival had not happened that long ago. It had only been less than 100 years. At the same time, the Spirit Energy Revival had not reached its richest stage the moment it had emerged. Its revival had been a gradual process, thus giving the country time to pair its technology and weapons with it, gradually guide the people in the right direction, as well as maintain the law and order in society.

However, times had been changing. Whatever was happening now might not continue to happen in the future, especially with the presence of the dangerous mysterious land. In the event of terrible calamities, the situation of the country would change drastically. Under the circumstances, having power and authority was the best choice.

‘I’ll consider it planning for a rainy day. Although I’m uncomfortable with the military’s rules, they are not unbearable.’

Lin Yao only wanted more freedom, and entering the military was not completely unbearable.

After Qin Ya’s persuasion, Lin Yao’s choice eventually became biased toward the military. At the same time, the words ‘planning for a rainy day’ triggered the Light-Bulb Moment.

‘The country conducts numerous assessments for high-level geniuses. Even diamond geniuses have to go through an assessment period of six months. Logically speaking, legion commanders, who possess great powers, will need more time for the assessment. But now, the military sought me out to form a legion immediately after discovering my ability. Aren’t they too anxious?

‘I haven’t done anything too outrageous. This should be one of the reasons for the military’s immediate decision. Second, those who cultivate the holy light will become more inclined toward justice the stronger they become. This is probably also one of the military’s considerations.’

The various attributes of humans could affect their personality. This was more so as one’s cultivation l

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