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Volume N/A - CH 235

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Chapter 235: What Are Heaven and Earth

Yin Yin and Yin Meng, who had experienced the horror of disaster, never wanted to experience that nightmarish day again, nor did they want to feel that desperate and helpless once more. Thus, they felt the most reliant on Lin Yao and couldn’t tolerate others insulting him.

While they were deeply moved by Lin Yao, Jin Cheng and the group had to provoke Lin Yao repeatedly. This had naturally antagonized Yin Yin and Yin Meng, making them say those words of reproach earlier.

The youngsters with Qin Ya were also infuriated. Their feelings for Qin Ya resembled those of the ladies for Lin Yao. They couldn’t endure others insulting Qin Ya either.

However, they didn’t utter a word despite pointing their fingers at Yin Yin and Yin Meng.

None of the people present was an idiot. Jin Cheng and the group hadn’t thought of this initially because of jealousy. Now that someone had reminded them, they realized something. It was impossible for a woman from a rich and powerful family in a small city to have any connection to the chief instructor of the Heaven and Earth Dojo in Shanghai, even though she was the daughter borne by the first wife.

Indeed, it was due to Lin Yao’s talent that Qin Ya had been able to contact that bigshot.

In an ordinary city with tens of millions of people, it would take several years to produce a diamond genius. This was despite the huge population. Therefore, such a genius was no joke.

The words of the two ladies infuriated Jin Cheng and the others. Qin Ya’s expression also turned cold, but she quickly calmed down. “What Miss Yin said is true. I’ve benefited by expanding my connections a little with the help of Mr. Lin Yao…”

“Alright. That’s enough. This is just mutual help.”

Glancing at the twins behind him, Lin Yao could sense that they cared about him and made such remarks because they didn’t want him to be humiliated by others. Therefore, Lin Yao found it hard to reprimand them.

He ruffled the petite heads of the two ladies to simmer down their anger. Lin Yao then looked at Qin Ya. “Thank you, I remember everything that you have done. Yin Yin was impolite earlier. I apologize to you on her behalf.”

After he said that, Lin Yao also looked at Jin Cheng and the several people next to him. This was meant to remind him that they were now even, as someone had also hurled insults at him earlier.

Upon seeing this, Qin Ya was silent for a moment before a smile bloomed on her face again. “Mr. Lin Yao is too polite… Let’s head to the Heaven and Earth Dojo.”


Nodding, Lin Yao was ready to follow Qin Ya.

As the tension between Lin Yao and Qin Ya eased, Qin Xue heaved a sigh of relief. One was her cousin, and the other was her classmate. She was in a difficult position, as she felt caught in the middle.

Out of the four assistants, while the gentle Qin Xue felt relaxed, Yan Yu’er, who was next to her, looked at the young twins. Instea

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