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Volume N/A - CH 242

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Chapter 242: Martial Artist… No, This Is Cultivating to Be An Immortal

Lin Yao had not made a habit of being beaten and not fighting back. Besides, there was no need for him to attract investments at this competition, so there was nothing to hold him back.


While Lǚ Yang was still making arrogant remarks, Lin Yao went straight to the arena when the lightning flashed.

A smile appeared at the corner of Lǚ Yang’s lips when he saw this scene.

‘You have been tricked, and I know you can’t stop yourself anymore. Now, it has been confirmed that you are arrogant and would not bear even the slightest grievance.’

Although Lǚ Yang had this thought in his mind, he put on a surprised look, as if he did not understand why Lin Yao would jump into the arena. He apologized and said, “Sorry, it seems that I have annoyed you again. However, I suggest that you curb your arrogance a little bit. Shanghai is different from other places. There are so many geniuses here. If you are so arrogant, you will suffer a lot.”

Lǚ Yang did everything possible to label Lin Yao as an arrogant person. However, something he had not expected occurred. Lin Yao did not object to this label.

“Arrogant? Indeed. I am undefeated in my hometown. This makes me a little arrogant.”

Lǚ Yang obviously had not wanted Lin Yao to admit that he was arrogant. He had thought that Lin Yao had gone into the arena to explain himself, but a look of surprise soon appeared on his face.

“Since you are aware of it, why don’t you change? If it weren’t for your arrogance, this wouldn’t have happened…”

“It can’t be changed. How can I change my character without suffering a crushing defeat… Since you said that there are many geniuses in Shanghai, why don’t you defeat me to make me wake up and face reality?”

Lǚ Yang had the urge to jump right into the arena at Lin Yao’s invitation, but he was afraid that this was a trap. “Let’s go follow the procedure of the Flowery Sect. After the selection, I…”

He wanted to delay this, but Lin Yao refused to give him a chance.

“I admit that I am arrogant, but are you admitting that everyone in the Flowery Sect has an attractive appearance but no substance?” With a sneer, Lin Yao looked around. His voice was flat but it sounded as if thunder was blasting loudly everywhere. “When I came here, I heard from others that the people from the Flowery Sect are effeminate and have fancy but impractical skills or resort to tricks. I didn’t believe them at first, but now I can’t help but believe it.”

Lin Yao, who was saying this, looked at Lǚ Yang with extreme contempt in his eyes.

“I remember that you have reached the level of a silver warlord. However, you don’t even dare take on the challenge issued by someone who has recently become a warlord. The Flowery Sect is… Ha ha.”

Upon hearing Lin Yao’s words of contempt, the audience cast odd glances at the Flowery Sect.

It was common for martial artists to be competit

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