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Volume N/A - CH 237

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Chapter 237: Ten Billion Yuan

“Can I ask for one billion yuan? Is that too much?”

“Can you say that again?”

Everyone was stunned by Lin Yao’s request, especially Ye Ying, who was shrouded in the cloak. He had not expected Lin Yao to make such a request.

“One billion yuan… Otherwise, a loan of one billion yuan will do as well.”

“This is not an issue. Do you only need money and nothing else?”

“Money is enough.”

While looking at Lin Yao, Ye Ying had an incredulous expression on his face, and for the first time, he wondered if their marshal was wrong. Could a person who was greedy for money really become a powerhouse who could guard the country?

Lin Yao sighed upon noticing his silence. “Sure enough, you won’t agree to it. How much can you give me then?”

The figure shrouded in the cloak finally reacted to his remark. “Of course we have one billion yuan, but I suggest that you think it through. Even if you are a king seedling, we will not invest an endless amount of money in you before you display your capabilities. I suggest you choose some king-level items, such as the Bodhi Tree seed, which can provide you with comprehension ability. They are much more precious than one billion yuan.”

“No, I only need money… If you can, give me as much as possible. If there is one billion yuan, it would be best…”

“One billion yuan? I’ll report it to the marshal. He will most likely agree.”

The night guard’s money did not fall from the sky. Indeed, there were mystic realms and alternate worlds, the country’s economy was doing well, and there was much more money than before. However, they could only invest one billion yuan to groom a king seedling, and investing 10 billion yuan would be a stretch.

When Lin Yao learned that he could really get one billion yuan, his eyes lit up right away.

‘My three sacred trees can advance to another level.’

Excitement welled in Lin Yao’s heart. He was not worried that the night guard would harm him. In fact, after seeing Ye Ying and knowing that he was from the night guard, Lin Yao already understood why they valued him so much. When other people only offered to give him diamond-level treatment, they were willing to treat him as a king seedling.

‘The enemy of the night guard is mainly freaks. The light talent and the thunder talent could restrain the abilities of the freaks. With these two abilities, I might be only a diamond genius who can achieve fast advancements in other organizations, but in the night guard, my abilities will be just as powerful as a king seedling’s abilities.’

Lin Yao had not known this at first, but after last night, he’d realized that he could really restrain the freaks.

Forget about the usefulness of the power of light in defending against the freak attacks, as well as the effectiveness of the Heavenly Thunder in bombarding the freaks in the early stage. When the mirror space projection collapsed toward the end, the light and thunder

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