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Volume N/A - CH 175

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Chapter 175: Victory Belongs To Me!

“Bad news? I have a chance to strike right after being provoked. Are you sure this is bad news?”

Upon looking at the confident Lin Yao, Qin Ya also laughed.

“It’s fine if you look at it that way.”

They laughed at each other, but Lin Yao also had doubts.

“No. 1 High School made use of connections to manipulate the match, yet the old man from No. 4 High School didn’t make use of connections to veto it.”

The team competition was not just Lin Yao’s battle. It was also about the honor of No. 4 High School. This was why he had doubts.

In response, Qin Ya had an arrogant look on her face.

“It’s incomparable. You do represent the honor of No. 4 High School, but they are representatives of No. 1 High School. They could recruit almost all the geniuses in Ninghai City. Do you think No. 4 High School has as many connections as them? Right now, it is not the other families that are targeting you.”

These words left Lin Yao speechless. No matter how unwilling he was, he had to admit that in that respect, No. 4 High School could not be compared to No. 1 High School.

In the past battles, No. 1 High School had not cared much because it had wanted to show its generosity and graciousness. No. 4 High School only needed to stop a few families from targeting Lin Yao, so their attempts were always successful.

But now, No. 1 High School, which had failed consecutively, needed to regain its status as the most powerful school, and they needed to defeat Lin Yao. Since they had gone all out to make use of their connections, No. 4 High School naturally had no way to stop them.

Unwilling to say more about this, Lin Yao asked about other matters.

“What about the good news?”

“You were indeed targeted, but there are a lot of people that No. 1 High School is after, such as the Ultimate Boxing Dojo and the Sky Blade Dojo. These two external teams seem to be stronger than you and more capable of garnering hatred than you. Among the four warlords from No. 1 High School, two are elites and two are ordinary warlords. Those two elite warlords will fight against the Ultimate Boxing Dojo and the Sky Blade Dojo. Wu Sheng, whom you are going up against, is just an ordinary warlord.”

One could advance to a warlord when the Iron Body reached 100%. However, this was merely a very common advancement, and this was also the enumeration of the warlords.

If one advanced to a warlord only when the Iron Body reached 300%, one would be considered an elite among the human warlords. Such warlords were stronger and could go farther. They could also secure better positions when they entered society.

Wu Sheng, who would be going up against Lin Yao, was the most ordinary warlord.

There was more to the information that Qin Ya had received. She had also managed to get information on Wu Sheng’s combat skills.

This time, Lin Yao did not refuse to read the information. His opponent had known about t

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