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Volume N/A - CH 178

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Chapter 178: Feathered Serpent Spirit

Right now, the will of the feathered serpent was still present, so Lin Yao had two options.

One option was to obliterate the feathered serpent consciousness and allow his own consciousness to settle in it, just like the angel spirit essence. This was the safest option. By then, the feathered serpent would be Lin Yao, but Lin Yao would not be the feathered serpent.

However, there were many advantages and disadvantages as well. A sacred tree could only host one main soul. After the soul settled into the feathered serpent, it would become the incarnation of Lin Yao, which could not be changed. At the same time, if the feathered serpent was destroyed, Lin Yao’s soul would also suffer severe damage, which was similar to damaging part of his soul.

Another option was to simply establish contact. The tree nurtured the universe, and the universe protected the sacred tree. Lin Yao could use the Tree of Heaven Punishment to establish contact with the feathered serpent, making it similar to a spiritualist’s pet.

Lin Yao could create many such connections that were reliant on the sacred tree. At the same time, Lin Yao would not suffer any losses when the feathered serpent died.

However, this way, the feathered serpent’s consciousness would not disappear, and at the same time, Lin Yao also needed to provide for the feathered serpent so it would grow. Otherwise, it might leave.

‘I will choose that.’

After frowning and thinking for a while, Lin Yao finally chose the second option.

‘The gold-level warlord’s ranking is too low. Powerful existences like Che Zhengyi could easily kill the opponent with one sword move right away. It would be a waste to use such a creature as the main soul. It is still alright if it is the direct heir of the feathered serpent god.’

Lin Yao had made a decision. Soon, the Tree of Heaven Punishment established a soul connection with the feathered serpent. The feathered serpent spirit essence would eventually serve as the guardian of Lin Yao’s Tree of Heaven Punishment.

At the same time, Lin Yao also gained some understanding of the feathered serpent spirit essence through the established connection.

Lin Yao’s face fell after he had a clear understanding of the situation.

This was an unlucky creature. After breaking into this world from another world, it had been beheaded by powerhouses because it had provoked the human race. Its soul had suffered huge injuries and lost most of its memories. In fact, its IQ was also affected.

It was stupid and foolish now. This was also why Lin Yao could deal with it at will, and it felt no sense of danger.

At the same time, it had lost most of its power, as it lacked a physical body.

Fortunately, the sacred tree was exquisite, and after temporarily integrating it with the Tree of Heaven Punishment, Lin Yao knew what to do next.

‘I will make use of the power of the Tree of Heaven Punishment and the

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