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westcorphotels > I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart > Volume N/A - CH 189
Chapter 189: The Three Powerful Dojos

“I have already conducted a preliminary screening of the dojos, so you can make your choice now.”

That said, when Lin Yao leaned on the bed, she placed the information of the three dojos beside him.

“Tell me about them. It’s not convenient for me to read the information now.”

Due to the effect of the development, as well as Heavenly Thunder, which had reached LV3, Lin Yao’s physical fitness level had increased, and he was also extremely resistant to electricity.

Given this improvement, it might seem that Lin Yao would be able to feel much better during the in-depth development.

However, this was just a delusion. Strengthening the physique did not mean reducing the pain he felt during the development. In fact, the pain had increased because he could persist for a longer time.

Improved physique?

“That’s good, he can be electrocuted for a longer time.”

He was also resistant to electricity, and he could absorb it.

“Increase the intensity of the electric current and be sure to let his cells regenerate from the damage.”

The so-called in-depth development was meant to break Lin Yao’s limit with thunder and lightning, so his cells would go through deep simulation and his body would develop further.

Even if Thor was still alive, he would not have been able to absorb all of the electricity that humans could control. Therefore, Lin Yao’s development was an endless path, and there were no shackles to it.

This time, Lin Yao went through an in-depth stimulation for more than three hours. He did not want to move at all, so he arranged for his brain development to take place around 11 o’clock in the evening. Otherwise, he would be too lethargic.

Seeing that Lin Yao was exhausted, Qin Ya nodded, picked up the file, and quickly updated him by giving him the information on the three dojos.

“Given your fame and future development, there is no need to choose between small dojos and medium dojos. We have to choose a large dojo that can be deployed across the country. The first option is the Heaven and Earth Dojo. They didn’t offer a lot of money, but in addition to paying you for being the spokesperson of the dojo, they will also give you some hidden benefits. One of the benefits is that the spokesperson can learn the combat skills of the dojo and be provided with guidance.”

Lin Yao understood this very well. He even knew that it was necessary to learn the combat skills of the dojo that he would be the spokesperson of.

After all, being a spokesperson meant that Lin Yao would join the dojo and say good things about it. How could he persuade the masses if he did not even know the combat skills of that dojo?

Although the Heaven and Earth Dojo had not offered a high amount, it could still be useful when it came to the improvement of Lin Yao’s capabilities. Qin Ya was indeed dedicated to her work.

“I think that the Heaven and Earth Dojo is your first choice.

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