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Volume N/A - CH 170

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Chapter 170: King Seedling

“Let them wait. Tell them the meeting will be postponed until tomorrow.”

“Uh… Sure, Principal.”

The old principal had no time for the meeting. The old man on the other end of the line stared at Lin Yao’s body and was silent for a long while. After 15 more minutes, when Lin Yao had undergone electric current development for an hour, the old principal finally spoke up.

“Give me his existing information.”

The king seedling was rare. Even if Lin Yao’s performance was very exceptional now, he was not necessarily a king. He had to look at the situation of the other king seedlings to be certain.

Che Zhengyi, who was from the capital, had picked up the king technique within 10 to 15 minutes. He was at the silver level but had gone beyond the ranks by defeating a gold warlord instantaneously with one sword move.

The spatial genius, Duanmu Ling, could open portals in two places thousands of miles away, which was of extremely important strategic significance for the country.

The steel body, Bie Ang, was a scientific genius who had created his own technique, Titanium Body. He kept working hard to learn about various subjects and had his own research institute where he studied how to transform humans with steel bodies into space warships.

These people had either amazing talent, strategic significance, or could create new martial arts. Only such geniuses could be considered king seedlings.

Although Lin Yao was powerful, he only had amazing cultivation talent. He could not be compared to these extremely abnormal geniuses.

However, he also had an advantage. He needed very few resources to improve his strength, and his improvement speed was very fast. Besides, light and thunder abilities were also needed by the country. Therefore, taking all this into consideration, Lin Yao could barely be considered a king seedling.

However, he was barely one. He would not pass if he was nominated now.

After a while, the principal, who was on the other end of the line, finished reading through Lin Yao’s information and made a decision.

“I will give it a try for your sake. However, in the best-case scenario, even if Lin Yao receives the diamond grading, he will only have the fewest resources among all the others of the same rank. Of course, after receiving the resources, he will continue to be secretly reviewed. When the review is over, he will receive what he deserves.”

“That will be enough.”

While the two of them were talking, Lin Yao was still undergoing electric current stimulation.

In the past, Lin Yao had not been able to hold on any longer, but it was different this time. The Armored Body Of Light, which had reached LV7, had improved Lin Yao’s healing ability once again. More importantly, now that the Celestial Tree had advanced to the gold level, the light energy within Lin Yao contained a trace of angelic power, and this power was an extra bonus to the power of light. The an

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