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Volume N/A - CH 176

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Chapter 176: Godlike

“Are they using us as a human sacrifice?”

Zhang Feng, who had just spoken, was clenching both of his fists. On the other hand, Lin Yao’s expression gradually became calm.

“If you want to make use of us to get a good start, that will depend on whether you have this capability.”

After he said that, Lin Yao also stood up and prepared to enter the arena.

However, the phone rang before he could do so.

After answering the call, Lin Yao found out that the caller was Qin Ya.

“What’s wrong? Is there any other information about Wu Sheng?”

He felt that this was the only thing that could make Qin Ya call him at this time. However, her subsequent words surprised Lin Yao.

“It’s not that. I have some information on the thunderbolt spirit essence. You told me this is the most critical thing and I should tell you once I have an update.”

“This is indeed the most important thing. Is it the spirit essence of Leize Great God?”

Lin Yao was feeling hopeful when he said this. However, this made the party on the other end of the line feel a little helpless.

“How is that possible? That is a great god. You won’t be able to get hold of that information even if it’s available. The opportunity to apply for a king-level technique can’t be exchanged for it either. This is something that involves only king-level individuals.”

“I was being overly hopeful. What kind of spirit essence did you find?”

“Feathered serpent, the descendant of the legendary feathered serpent god, Kukulkan[1]. It has inherited the power of the monsoon from that great god, it possesses the power of wind, rain, thunder, and lightning, and it is at the golden warlord level. There’s only a wisp of its soul left now. Do you want it?”

Lin Yao knew a little about the feathered serpent god, Kukulkan. He was aware that this was a powerful god in Mayan mythology. Over there, he’d dominated the stars, invented books, established legislation, and introduced maize to mankind. At the same time, the feathered serpent god also represented death and rebirth and was the protector of priests. He was associated with the monsoon and could thus control rain.

The descendant mentioned by Qin Ya was not in the direct line of descent but a descendant from many generations later. It might even be a monster that had been bred when a drop of the feathered snake god’s blood had fallen on the ground. After the monster had mated with other monsters and reproduced, the feathered serpent Qin Ya had found had been born.

Due to the distant bloodline, the feathered serpent Qin Ya had found had also lost most of the feathered serpent god’s abilities. It only had a slight power of the monsoon left, which was the power of wind, rain, thunder, and lightning.

After being silent for a breath of time, Lin Yao clenched his teeth and said, “Yes, when can I get it? How do I do that?”

What he wanted the most was naturally the aura of Leize Great God. This

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