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Chapter 167: Quadruple Thunderbolt Sword-Drawing Technique!

The round mirror was on Lin Yao’s head throughout the battle. The light rays continued to lock on and shine on Quan Lei, rendering him unable to turn back. As a result, he could only fight by using his Beast Intuition.

Sensing the danger coming from Lin Yao, who was charging forward, he immediately dodged to the side. However, the earlier stalemate had caused the two of them to be just a few steps away from each other. There was no way he could escape colliding with Lin Yao.

Bang. Quan Lei, who was in a half-human state, had collided with Lin Yao. The two of them were thrown in the opposite direction due to the interaction of different forces.

After the beastization, the physique of the opponent was only slightly inferior to that of Lin Yao in the extreme state. Therefore, they were both sent flying a similar distance away.

Half-human Quan Lei had the strong sense of balance of the feline species. Therefore, he almost didn’t suffer any injuries due to the fall. However, he collided with Lin Yao with full force. Despite being half-human, he felt that his body was falling apart.

‘A physically awakened person, especially a beastified one, is known for their strong physique. Although I’m not a monster like a wolf, a bear, or an elephant, my physique is much stronger than an ordinary person’s. Since I’m falling apart, he should be injured.’

Quan Lei was hoping that Lin Yao’s holy garment could only protect the latter from harm from external and not internal impact.

Unfortunately, he was about to be disappointed. The holy garment was resistant to almost all forms of physical attacks, not to mention that Lin Yao’s cells contained holy light and were full of vitality. He wasn’t bothered by this collision at all.

As soon as he landed on the ground, Lin Yao transformed into a beam of thunderlight and rushed forward again.

As Lin Yao was dashing ahead, the bright mirror above his head kept shining, making Quan Lei feel extremely aggrieved.

While fighting with the enemy, not facing the opponent or turning his head around did not seem to be the right move. Keeping a tight watch on the opponent was the right way to go. However, the bright mirror on Lin Yao’s head made it impossible for him to look at Lin Yao. Quan Lei could only pin his hopes on Beast Intuition.

Actually, Quan Lei was someone whom No. 1 High School had specially sent to subdue Lin Yao. In the past, others had been impressed by Lin Yao’s amazing outburst of power. His sword move was invincible, and he also had two insidious moves—Deafening Thunder Roar and Flashing Sword-Drawing Technique.

The reason Quan Lei had been chosen to deal with Lin Yao was that he had the bloodline of illusory beasts. After beastization, the improvement in all his basic attributes would make his strength comparable to that of Lin Yao in the latter’s extreme state. His Phantomization talent, which was also

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