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Volume N/A - CH 164

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Chapter 164: Son of God Body

“One sword move? This certainly has to change.”

When he had first met Qin Ya, Lin Yao had been an intermediate martial artist. Although he was very talented, he had only awakened a short time ago, and his capability hadn’t stood out amongst the group of martial artists. In order to create hype for Lin Yao, Qin Ya had created a martial artist image for him based on his ability to defeat every opponent with one sword move.

However, the situation had changed. The Celestial Tree had advanced, and Lin Yao had realized the profound meaning of guardianship. Explosive attacks unleashed through the combination of power and speed were no longer his strongest move. Instead, his defensive and healing abilities had strengthened. Since his forte had changed, their previous agreement about One Sword was no longer valid.

“The earlier agreement is void, but you should try to be as cold and indifferent as possible when facing an enemy and as warm as possible when facing your fans. It would be best if you could smile at them more. Try being cool to your opponents in a battle and warm and bubbly around your friends. People nowadays like this kind of contrast very much.”

“It seems very troublesome.”

“You’ll be able to earn money like that. Although you have money now, it is given to you by other people. Don’t tell me you want to rely on the donations of others in the long run?”

“Of course not, I’ll try to do what you say.”

“Very good, but the moment you will choose a dojo will be delayed.” Afraid that Lin Yao would misunderstand, Qin Ya quickly explained. “The dojos see one another as opponents, and you can only choose one of them. You’ll stand to gain the most if you make your choice at the peak of your fame. Also, we have to change your combat skill teacher. This will have to wait a little…”

As he listened to Qin Ya speak about the various arrangements, Lin Yao had only one thought in mind.

‘It feels great to have a good, professional manager.’

While talking endlessly, Lin Yao and the group returned to Ninghai City.

He had thought Qin Ya hadn’t been affected when he’d said that their agreement was off. However, Lin Yao wasn’t aware of something. Qin Ya had sunk her nails so deep into her palm that she had scarred it.

The distance between Tianhai City and Ninghai City was not that long. However, after the encounter in the morning and the various journey transits, it was about 10 o’clock by the time they returned to Ninghai City.

Lin Yao didn’t return home. Instead, he booked a hotel near the city center. He bathed, rested in the room, and waited for the start of the competition.

After the trip to Tianhai City, Qin Ya was busier than before.

She was contacting the white gloves[1] of the higher-ups of Tianhai City to search for their information and see which ones they could cooperate with. In addition, this was meant to set up the Project Hope charity organization in accor

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