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Volume N/A - CH 180

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Chapter 180: The Battle Of The Three Strongest Men

Lin Yao looked at Qin Ya’s worried expression as he listened to her, and his expression turned serious as well.

“It seems that after I left, something happened in the stadium.”

While talking, Lin Yao turned to watch the battle video on the laptop. There was a reason why Qin Ya was worried.

The video showed the match between a team of elite warlords from No. 1 High School and the Ultimate Boxing Dojo. At the beginning of the video, the referee swung his hands downward, signaling the start of the match. Both teams had excellent teamwork and chemistry and had been fighting as a team for a long time. As soon as the referee swung his hands downward, they turned vigilant, supporting their team members at the same time.

The five contestants from No. 1 High School formed a battle formation with the elite warlord who was a fire genius as their leader. His team had been formed like this to fully utilize his fiery abilities.

That team was indeed very strong. The elite warlord waved his hand at will, and flames rose around him. In addition to this elite warlord, two other team members had fire talent. The three of them were busy creating flames. Lin Yao could not tell what the ability of the fourth person was. However, he could increase the power and temperature of the surrounding flames. The last person on the team had wind talent, and he could direct wind to blow the flames toward the enemy.

It had only been three seconds since the start of the competition, and a monstrous fire wave surged forward thanks to the cooperation of these five people. The fire wave was different from the flaming team that Lin Yao had first encountered last time.

This time, the five students of No. 1 High School did not intend to engage in close combat at all. Instead, they worked hard to create flames, directing the waves of fire and making them surge forward toward the opposing team. The monstrous sea of fire made Lin Yao feel the scorching heat even when watching the video through the screen. Even the air was distorted due to the flames.

Lin Yao had no clue which technique the elite warlord had mastered. However, when the flames raged violently due to the strong wind, he could even manipulate them. Soon, the wave of flames that covered the entire arena turned into a giant firebird with a wingspan of 12 meters.

‘Given their abilities, they are indeed a team of elite warlords. Such a battle is considered a real team battle.’

In this world, where people had spirit energy and talent, a team competition was unlike what Lin Yao used to imagine, such as people rushing forward and fighting separately. In terms of teamwork, the lowest level of teamwork included long-range and close-range attacks and defense, as well as having a main attacker on the team.

The intermediate level of teamwork involved everyone practicing the same technique. Everyone’s aura would be connected, and they would

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