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Volume N/A - CH 188

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Chapter 188: Claimed Double Victory

‘Will I have to bring a few power generation devices with me in the future?’

With this thought in mind, Lin Yao looked at his Type VII Electric Current Stimulation Combat Suit, which had a thunder beast crystal core embedded in it.

In the past, this crystal core had been used as a charging device for the combat suit, but now, Lin Yao discovered that this thunder beast crystal core seemed to be able to do more.

‘I can find a way to get more of this or get a larger-capacity battery to carry it with me.’

The competition for high school students and younger people was mainly a test of one’s basic strength. There were a lot of restrictions. They were only allowed to use standard equipment. Therefore, Lin Yao’s weapons and equipment had not been used since he had bought them.

However, everything was different after entering university. University was the outpost of society, and after entering society, even if adults were poor and could not buy any weapons, they would use whatever they could in order to win. That was the way.

Therefore, because university was an outpost, the restrictions for university trials and competitions had been reduced, and Lin Yao could now prepare for the battles he’d have in the future.

‘If I have a chance, I must buy more weapons. When the battle begins. I will use the electricity in the batteries to complement the thunder and electricity field. All I need to do is manipulate it. This will reduce my consumption a lot and even allow me to use ultimate moves that I can’t display at a lower level.’

Lin Yao’s actions could be regarded as creating a fighting environment conducive to him.

He quickly read the information about the thunder and lightning field. Now that Heavenly Thunder had reached LV3, many benefits came with it. The last benefit was marked as special. It was more than the benefits brought about by Heavenly Thunder.

[Electricity-Absorbing Physique]

[Description: Because the host has been undergoing electric current stimulation for a long time and has undergone gene optimization due to Light Adjustment, the host is now extremely resistant to thunder and lightning. When attacked by electric current, the host will only suffer minimal damage and will be able to absorb the energy in it, which will greatly enhance the host’s strength.]

[Note: The ability to withstand electric current is related to the strength of the host’s body and the perception of thunder and lightning. The stronger the body, the deeper the perception of thunder and lightning, the more power of thunder and lightning the host can absorb, and the stronger the body will get.]

‘Is this Thor’s simplified, crude version of God’s Descent on earth?’

Lin Yao remembered that in the past, when he watched movies, Thor would raise his hammer to the sky to summon a thunderbolt to strike himself. Of course, thunder and lightning could not hurt Thor, the thunder god of No

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