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Volume N/A - CH 159

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Chapter 159: Armored Body Of Light LV7

Lin Yao could not know what had happened at midnight. In the early morning, by the time the first ray of light shone on the light cocoon through the glass, Lin Yao’s physical body had completed its adjustments and he awakened. However, after waking up, Lin Yao was surprised to find that Qin Ya, who had originally only been accompanied by a chauffeur, some assistants, and other personnel, was surrounded by a few middle-aged people in suits and a number of beautiful girls.

“Have I missed something?”

“Of course not. Have a glass of water.”

While speaking, Qin Ya handed a glass of water to Lin Yao casually.

“Thank you. Who are you?”

Lin Yao was casual about it as he looked at those successful middle-aged people.

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I am from Tianhai Real Estate…”

“I’m from the Haining Foods Limited Company…”

The businessmen handed Lin Yao their business cards one by one and quickly introduced themselves. Everyone was talking at once. Lin Yao learned who they were and why they had come. They were businessmen who valued his talent and wanted to invest in him.

Lin Yao felt frustrated about the noise around him. Of course, more importantly, he was too impatient to deal with them. He was more interested in seeing his own changes after his evolution.

With this thought in mind, Lin Yao did not talk to them. Instead, he looked at Qin Ya.

“You are right, a famous martial artist really needs a professional manager.”

Qin Ya smiled upon hearing his remark.

‘I made the right bet. I got here first.’

Lin Yao did not know what was on Qin Ya’s mind. He barely smiled as he looked at those successful people. “You can talk to my manager about any investments.”

“The amount we are going to invest is huge, Mr. Lin…”

Of course, talking with a manager could not satisfy those people. They were more interested in befriending Lin Yao. Therefore, someone approached Lin Yao. Qin Ya stood up before he could finish his sentence. “Everyone, my partner is only a student and doesn’t know much about business. I am authorized to act as his manager in this regard. I will also do my best to secure the best benefits for my partner. Or do you think it is easier to cheat students who don’t understand business?”

“Of course not.”

Now that Qin Ya had spoken up, and the businessmen could tell that Lin Yao looked impatient and trusted Qin Ya, they finally stopped speaking.

They had no idea what Qin Ya’s relationship with Lin Yao was. If they were in a romantic relationship, it would be even worse to provoke Qin Ya. After all, the power of pillow talk was unimaginable.

The group of successful businessmen quickly retreated, and the beautiful girls who followed them could only leave reluctantly.

Those girls were not dying to get married. In fact, they’d sternly opposed the plan on the journey there. Some of them were even weeping and crying. However, Lin Yao was too ha

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