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Volume N/A - CH 234

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Chapter 234: Who Do You Think You Are!

After he figured out moonlight, Lin Yao’s mental strength would recover quickly, and he’d only need to rest for two hours every three or five days.

Unfortunately, he was being too idealistic. This kind of knowledge was extremely difficult, and an entire night of studying had only given Lin Yao a head start.

‘The study of light is a long-term job.’

At the thought of needing to go to the Flowery Sect to perform today, he didn’t continue to study or train. Instead, he meditated in the room. He was planning to surprise the arrogant senior brothers of the Flowery Sect in the afternoon.

However, Lin Yao, who sat down only shortly, sensed someone arriving. After opening the door, he discovered that his manager, Qin Ya, had come.

“You’re that early?”

“Yes, I have something to discuss with you.”

She was not the only one who had come. The few young people she had previously signed a contract with were also with her.

They were planning to follow Qin Ya at all times so that the latter would not be able to spend time with Lin Yao alone.

Ignoring the few of them, Lin Yao looked at Qin Ya.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s about your complete break from the Flowery Sect.” Upon seeing Lin Yao pull a long face, Qin Ya waved her hand. “Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to reconcile with the Flowery Sect. I’m here to help you deal with the subsequent trouble.

“The Flowery Sect is a powerful dojo, and they have numerous people in business, entertainment, the academy, the police, the Abnormal Ability Department, and so on… You can’t fight against them alone. Although you guys don’t have a life-and-death feud and they won’t go all out against you, it’ll be very hard on you if they put a spoke in your wheel. I’m sure you don’t want your reputation to be ruined by the netizens.”

This was indeed a problem. As Lin Yao was frowning and pondering a solution, Qin Ya, who was sitting on the sofa opposite him, spoke.

“The Flowery Sect is very strong. You can’t fight it alone, and you don’t have to.

“There is more than one dojo in Shanghai, and the Flowery Sect is just one of them. Their teaching ability is not bad, but they are far from the top dojo. They are not the top in strength, but because they are good at creating hype and strategizing, they are able to attract the top martial artists in Shanghai. Will the other dojos find this fair?”

These words made Lin Yao laugh.

“Of course not.”

The most common disputes in the world were caused by conflict of interests. These were also the hardest to resolve. Lin Yao understood what Qin Ya meant without needing her to elaborate further.

“You want me to join a dojo that sees the Flowery Sect as their enemy.”

“That’s not all. The dojo has to be able to help you too. I’ve contacted the Heaven and Earth Dojo. Your abilities are very compatible with theirs. They are the most suitable dojo for you.”

Qin Ya had it all th

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