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Volume N/A - CH 212

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Chapter 212: Learning Makes Me Happy

Yes, Lin Yao was now the equivalent of a king seedling.

He had the Armored Body Of Light, Heavenly Thunder, Brave Soul, and the Photogenic Memory—Agile Mind. All four of them were gold talents, and someone with a king-level talent could crush them in seconds.

However, everything would change when the four were combined into one.

A triple combination of Armored Body Of Light, Heavenly Thunder, and Brave Soul would allow Lin Yao’s body training speed to surpass that of a king seedling. On the other hand, Photogenic Memory—Agile Mind had made up for his last flaw. His current self undoubtedly had the qualities of a king.

Of course, Lin Yao knew that, aside from his talent, Project Thunder God played a very important role.

In fact, it could even be said that he had become a king seedling because of Project Thunder God.

The combination of his four talents resulted in chemosynthesis, and this effect was very compatible with Project Thunder God.

Because Project Thunder God was very powerful, it was close to a god-level technique and was considered the best on the Blue Planet. Lin Yao, who was an extremely good match for it, would naturally soar to greater heights because of its power.

The first talent of the Bodhi Tree had made up for this lack of comprehension ability and made him a genius.

However, he was still a mortal at the moment, and it was not uncommon for humans to have a photogenic memory. There were also many such examples during the Latter Day of the Dharma[1] Furthermore, in this world, human beings were physically strong and mentally advanced. Therefore, many geniuses could do this.

However, it was easy to find geniuses with an extraordinary comprehension ability but hard to find sages with exceptional wisdom.

After having a Light-Bulb Moment, Lin Yao’s mental strength was elevated, and he was now akin to a sage in the midst of enlightenment. Specific examples of this would be Zhang Sanfeng[2], who was comprehending Tai Chi[3], and Bodhidharma[4], who had created the 72 arts of Shaolin Kung Fu[5].

If one used physics as an example, he was akin to Newton, who had been hit by an apple, and Albert Einstein, who had penned the mass-energy equation E=mc2.

Although it was very difficult to enter the state of a sage in a Light-Bulb Moment, and the duration was very short, each occurrence helped Lin Yao a lot.

Lin Yao had awakened the profound meaning of Deafening Thunder Roar after entering the state of a sage. It had made him suddenly understand the knowledge of sound, thunder, lightning, sound wave frequency, and so on…

The same applied to his diamond-level combat skills. Within a short time, Lin Yao got started with his two diamond-level combat skills, and the two skills were no longer at the entry level. They had skipped the proficiency level and achieved small success. Of course, his deep reflection and meditation during normal times playe

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