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Volume N/A - CH 205

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Chapter 205: The Sun Disc

Upon seeing that Lin Yao had been left astonished by the research institute and the people who came to seek development and noticing his expectant gaze, the researcher who greeted Lin Yao also looked somewhat proud.

“Hello, you must be Student Lin Yao. I’m Professor Yan’s assistant, Song Ji. I’m part of Professor Yan’s research team. We already know the purpose of your visit. Please come here and sign your name.”

Lin Yao followed the researcher and went through the procedure to enter the research institute. During the process, Qin Xue, Yan Yu’er, and the rest of the group were not allowed to enter the place.

“Sorry, anyone who is not involved please remain and wait in the lounge.”

These words made Lin Yao frown.

“Can you guys be more accommodating? After the electric current development, I will tremble all over and need someone to take care of me.”

This was neither an excuse, nor did it mean that Lin Yao couldn’t endure the pain. The in-depth electric current development was terrifying, and he certainly needed someone to take care of him. Song Ji, who was leading Lin Yao into the research institute, spoke before the security guard at the entrance could do so.

“This won’t do. Having too many uninvolved people inside will cause chaos. You don’t have to worry about your body. There are medical specialists inside who will take care of you.”

After speaking, he also reminded Lin Yao, “This is a rule.”

“I see.”

In this research institute, Lin Yao was no longer given special treatment, and he had to adhere to the rules. This was the authority of a major established research institute.

Lin Yao respected their rules as well. While looking at the numerous people who came to develop, Lin Yao even thought of settling down in Shanghai permanently. This place was indeed much better than Ninghai.

However, he soon thought of the impact on his subsidies if he were to settle down in Shanghai.

‘I remember that one needs to meet the eligibility requirements before one can settle down in Shanghai. Bronze and iron geniuses are not eligible to apply. If one relies on one’s talent alone without considering one’s merit points and contributions, one has to be at the silver level. However, one will only obtain residency rights. Only golden geniuses will be allocated a house in the suburbs. The treatment of diamond geniuses is better, but the treatment in other prefectures is 10 times better.’

Despite the huge difference in treatment, many people were still willing to settle down in Shanghai.

First of all, over here, there were many powerhouses as well as advanced and developed technology and martial arts. This place had access to the best resources faster. At the same time, one would only grow stronger after mixing in with powerhouses in the long run. Standing out in the crowd for a long time might diminish one’s ambitions and determination.

Second, it was a safe place.


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