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Volume N/A - CH 202

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Chapter 202: Attack, Super Electromagnetic Gun!

“If you give in and apologize, it will mean that you can reform and mend your ways. I will reluctantly accept your apology.”

It was also arrogant of him to have such a thought. The only thing he had not expected was that Lin Yao would have joined the dojo simply for money and would not value the dojo that he was so proud of. Lin Yao did not care for its connections and power and fell out with them.

He had made a mistake by failing to anticipate that Lin Yao would react this way, and he was also questioned by the elders of the centrist faction.

After all, he was only a principal disciple of his generation, not the master. In fact, even the master of the Flowery Sect could not decide everything by himself.

“If he has a problem, you can talk to him privately. Now that the situation has come to this, it has become a laughing stock. This is terrible.”

Some of the elders were unhappy. Lǚ Yang might be arrogant, but he was not stupid. Seeing that some people were displeased, he quickly apologized. “I’m sorry, Third Elder. It is my fault. I didn’t expect…”

“Alright, Third Brother. Xiao Yang was indeed wrong, but he also made a great contribution to ferret out a spokesperson who doesn’t care about the honor of the Flowery Sect. Otherwise, given his temperament, he would have caused us some trouble sooner or later.”

“Then how should we deal with this matter?”

“We’ll just do what we should do. Didn’t he tell us to terminate the contract because we breached it? He is not a judge. He does not have the final say. It doesn’t work this way. Let him send a lawyer’s letter and get people to delay the proceedings for a year and a half. Oh, by the way, during the time the lawsuit is ongoing, according to the contract, he can’t be the spokesperson of other dojos. Otherwise, he would breach the contract as well.”

After speaking, the old man laughed.

“Young people are still too impulsive. What I’m doing is for his own benefit. It’s a blessing to suffer.”

“The Fifth Elder has given it thorough thought.”

In a few words, they had already made a decision to suppress Lin Yao’s development in the name of doing this for Lin Yao’s good, which was downright disgusting.

They did cause Lin Yao problems. Initially, he had been thinking of getting a large sum of money after the Flowery Sect breached the contract and using the money to quickly improve himself.

However, the delay tactic adopted by the Flowery Sect prevented Lin Yao from endorsing other dojos in the next year. This was also a common way for large companies to deal with ordinary people.

However, Lin Yao was no ordinary person, and he was disgusted by the Flowery Sect’s approach, which stopped him from leaving.

‘You should have just compensated me with money. You guys shouldn’t have forced me!’

As he turned his head to look behind him, Lin Yao’s eyes flashed with a dangerous light, and he looked at

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