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Volume N/A - CH 197

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Chapter 197: Shanghai, Gatekeeper

“Was it an eventful ride? Did many freaks attack the train?”

“Of course, in order to protect the armored train, our government has strengthened it and also formed a special army—the railway guards tasked to protect the armored train.”

“The army was mobilized to defend it… Fortunately, most of the freaks have no IQ and will only chase after humans. Otherwise, the roads between cities would definitely have been blocked.”

It was Lin Yao who made this comment. He had not sensed it when he had arrived from Ninghai City to Tianhai City. However, during the journey from Ninghai to Shanghai, which usually took only three hours by plane, Lin Yao had spent a total of three days.

Also, in the past three days, he’d had to transfer between different trains, so in the meantime, he had sensed dozens of freak attacks outside. This made Lin Yao realize how difficult it was for cities to keep in touch with each other.

Nowadays, unlike in the past, when there had been well-developed railway lines that could connect every place, there were planes to travel to and fro different places.

Due to the attacks of the freaks, there were only a few main railway lines left in China. Many of the branch railway lines had disappeared. Most of the cities had only one railway connecting them to other places, and this railway line had to be protected by the railway guards as well.

Passenger planes were more susceptible to damage. Once they were damaged, the people on the planes could not even escape, so they had been totally phased out.

Such traffic conditions also made him understand why the locals were so united and cliquey in this time and age. Obviously, more exchanges could lead to a better understanding and cooperation. However, there was currently only one armored train to connect the cities, and train tickets were very expensive, so most people would only leave their cities once a few years. Each time they left, there was always a certain degree of danger. Thus, the difficulties in communication and exchanges naturally resulted in people from different areas feeling inclined to stay within their city and having very little trust in outsiders.

‘Fortunately, there is spirit energy, so crops can be harvested quickly and it takes a shorter time to rear livestock. I heard that the country also exerts control over some mystic realms and small planes. Otherwise, if we lost a large territory, there would certainly be famine in the human world.’

While Lin Yao was sighing, Qin Xue, who had come with him, was not in the mood to think about this. As she was looking at Shanghai, which was obviously countless times more prosperous than Ninghai, she seemed to be slightly nervous.

“Ah Yao, are we going to the Flowery Sect first, or are we going to look for my cousin? She has arranged our accommodation.”

“Let’s go to the Flowery Sect first. Let’s stay in a hotel by ourselves.”

There was already an i

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