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Volume N/A - CH 228

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Chapter 228: Paladin Legion

“Mr. Lin… Lin Yao, can your blessing not only heal but also increase the strength of others?”

Yang Zheng was the one who shouted these words. When he sensed the increase in his body strength, his voice started trembling, and his eyes almost popped.

The same happened to the two soldiers near him and… the group of bosses in the meeting room. Extremely dumbstruck, they stood up upon seeing this scene.

As the Sky Eye satellite penetrated the space mezzanine, they witnessed the continual mutations of the people on the viewing boat.

However, unlike the situation inside, this group of big bosses deduced something after observing the facial expressions and body changes of several of these people.

“It is fear. The unknown condition that triggers the freak to kill is fear. The more afraid one is, the faster one’s body will mutate.”

“The few veteran soldiers have done a good job containing the mutations in their bodies, but this young policewoman…”

Upon seeing the military people frowning, the representative of the armed police in the room bit the bullet and explained, “She just started participating in battles… This is Ice Heart. She is lacking in combat experience, but she is fairly talented and groomable.”

“She’s a silver genius. Forget it. This performance has already met the mark.”

The military big boss expected Lin Yao to hold on for 20 minutes. Otherwise, if Lin Yao were to die, they would go after the person who had allowed Lin Yao to pass the review.

Although Lin Ru didn’t perform well at first and subsequently relied on Ice Heart to become impervious to her emotions, the big boss from the military was also very satisfied.

This might seem unfair but it was actually not the case.

The reason was that the subsidies received by Lin Yao and Lin Ru were completely different.

In order to protect Lin Yao, they had to assign two high-level silver martial artists to follow him wherever he went so that they could ask for reinforcements from the higher-ups at any time.

There were also many other hidden benefits.

The more one received, the better one had to perform. Otherwise, one would not be deserving of one’s status.

Although the big bosses in the meeting room deduced the reason for the mutation of the people on the viewing boat, they knew they had been transferred several minutes ago. Therefore, they had no way to tell the people on the boat about their findings. These people were left on their own in this situation.

“I hope they’ll be able to think of that.”

“Yang Zheng has already discovered something. Hurry up. It’s highly possible that they won’t be able to recover after going through a complete transformation.”

The freaks had a terrifying presence. Despite the restrictions in the world and the fact that one had to trigger the rules, the freaks could kill humans effortlessly.

However, just as everyone in the meeting room was hoping that Yan

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