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Volume N/A - CH 198

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Chapter 198: Everyone, Do You Look Down On Me That Much?

Given his maverick style and arrogant way of dealing with things, everyone could not help but dislike him.

This was especially because everyone present was a genius. Ordinary people would admire Lin Yao for being strong and powerful. The geniuses there did not feel the same admiration for him. They were equally handsome and powerful, and they were competitive when facing their peers. Lin Yao, who liked to be in the limelight, seemed even more annoying to them.

The girl with the heroic spirit looked unhappy as well. It was her uncle who had signed the contract with Lin Yao. If the Flowery Sect suffered a loss due to signing a contract with Lin Yao, it would also affect her uncle, who was in charge of said contract.

“You are late.”

“No.” Lin Yao glanced at the time as he said, “I am just in time.”

While the two of them talked to each other, Jin Cheng, who had dyed his hair blond, also came up to Lin Yao, stretching out his palm toward him.

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time, Junior Brother Lin Yao.”

“Who are you?”

“Oh, we will be colleagues in the future. I have been looking forward to meeting you, yet you don’t even know who I am. This is so sad.”

‘I can sense malice.’

After speaking indifferently to him, Lin Yao walked away, not intending to speak to either of them.

He sat down directly in the corner of the hall and closed his eyes without communicating with other people.

Upon seeing this, Jin Cheng spread out his hands before the smart woman. “You should know that I did not provoke him. He is simply an arrogant person.”

“No, he is not being arrogant. If one is humble in the early stage but proud in the later stage due to their abilities, that would be considered arrogance. However, this guy has always been arrogant.”

Lin Yao tucked himself in a corner and closed his eyes. He merely wanted some silence, but in the end, he attracted even more attention. Qin Xue was a little flustered over the situation.

“Shall we become friends with some of them?”

“No, I won’t have much contact with them in the future.”

Lin Yao had no time for this. He spent most of the day improving his strength in the research institute and had no time to go out at all.

The clauses in the contract were demanding, the people who had been sent by the Flowery Sect had to obey his orders, and he was unwilling to move to another city. Lin Yao was not putting on airs or being unreasonable by doing all this. It was just that he really did not have time.

If it were not for the lack of money, he would not even have made a trip here this time.

Of course, he also knew that the Flowery Sect was at a disadvantage by doing this, but Lin Yao was prepared to make up for it by being powerful in the later stage of his cultivation.

‘Since the Flowery Sect can offer eight million yuan, they must be looking to invest in my future.

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