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Volume N/A - CH 65

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Chapter 65: Abandoned Amusement Park

“Throw it away. Throw the money away.”

With a wild roar, Lin Yao ignored the children around him. He squeezed them away with one step and rushed in the direction of Xiaomeng and Xiaofei. At the same time, Lin Yao touched the long sword at his waist, getting ready to draw it at any time.

As he was rushing forward, he felt malice rushing toward him like the tide. He almost blacked out because of the waves of malice.

‘Damn, I must be crazy. I should be fleeing since I sensed malice.’

While thinking about this, Lin Yao did not back up a bit. He did not just sense malice, but also the sense of dependence that Xiaomeng and Xiaofei had when it came to him.

He could not ignore the two girls, who were around seven or eight years old, and run away by himself.

“Hurry up, throw the money away.”

Lin Yao, who rushed madly forward, turned hideous due to the malicious stimulation, which obviously scared Xiaomeng and Xiaofei.

However, he had come here for ten consecutive days to have fun with the children.

Although they did not know what had happened or why the gentle elder brother had suddenly gotten angry, they still listened to Lin Yao’s instructions and threw away the 100-yuan bill in their hands immediately.

At the same time, the surrounding caregivers also noticed that Lin Yao was rushing forward like mad.

“Stop it, stop it.”

They thought that Lin Yao was rushing toward the two little girls. However, Lin Yao had no time to care about them.

When the 100 yuan was thrown away, Lin Yao sensed that the malice had reached its peak, and the special perception also allowed him to vaguely see a door. There was a clown covered in blood standing behind the door. It was reaching out toward the two children.

Lin Yao widened his eyes in shock at the scene and ran toward the children while roaring.

“Stop… Boom!”

A thunderous explosion echoed in the orphanage. Lin Yao was angry and at the same time anxious as he unleashed his energy, spewing some blood as well.

The full roar was very effective. A lot of the glass in the entire orphanage was broken by Lin Yao’s roar, and some children even covered their ears in pain.

However, Lin Yao did not care about them anymore. At that moment, he directed his full attention to the bills in front of him.

The two young girls who stood facing Lin Yao were stunned by his Deafening Thunder Roar. They were shocked by the loud roar, and the clown-like doll also paused for a while.

Lin Yao made use of this slight pause to dash forward, drawing his sword in the meantime.


At the sound of the long sword being unsheathed, a dazzling bright light was directed from Lin Yao’s hand. The bright light seemed like a shiny day that dispelled all the mist and haze of the dark night. The faint door and the illusory clown also fluctuated like shadows.

Lin Yao used the scattered light energy to protect his eyes. He cou

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