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Volume N/A - CH 68

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Chapter 68: Not The Only One Here

The two young girls felt slightly at ease physically and mentally, as the gray fog had dissipated and they were warmed by Lin Yao’s glowing body. However, the weird man was a combination of evil. Upon seeing him, they screamed in horror and hid behind Lin Yao.

Lin Yao protected them and got into position to draw the sword.

Although he looked calm on the outside, his hands trembled and his forehead was covered in beads of cold sweat, reflecting his inner thoughts.

‘I have fallen into his trap!’

Lin Yao stared at the weird man, getting ready to attack anytime. He did not launch an attack right away, as the weirdo was still very far away from him.

Although Lin Yao assumed a defensive stance, he could not feel even a glimmer of hope. The sense of horror that Lin Yao got from the weird man was 100 times stronger than that of the freaks outside.

Lin Yao gritted his teeth, guarding himself against the strange man and getting ready to protect the children even if it cost his life. However, something unexpected happened. The weird man shot Lin Yao a glance and walked toward the haunted house behind the ticket hall with a hammer in one hand and an unknown item in his other hand.

The weird man disappeared into the room. Lin Yao discovered that the weird man was dragging a strange existence with his other hand. It was someone that he had seen before. It was the candied haws merchant who had tried to sell his items at half the price. Right now, the merchant’s head was completely smashed, and the merchant was dragged into the haunted house like a dead dog by the weirdo.

When the weird man opened the door of the haunted house, Lin Yao, who was staring intently at the weird man, noticed something at the corner of the haunted house.

He could not help but black out because of what he saw. He took a few steps back, plopped down on the floor, and did not recover for a long time.

When Lin Yao sobered up, the first thing he saw was the two girls standing guard over him with their hands wide open. Although they were trembling from fright, they stared intently at the weird man, preventing him from hurting Lin Yao.

“You girls… Sigh!”

Lin Yao sighed and pulled the two little girls to his side.

Upon seeing that Lin Yao was awake, the two girls burst into tears.

“Brother, brother, you are awake.”

“Woohoo! We were scared to death. Brother, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

How could he be alright? In fact, it was already worth noting that Lin Yao, who was not as strong as the other party, had not totally blacked out after seeing this great horror. This was indeed praiseworthy.

However, although Lin Yao was tired, he was no longer as worried.

“Don’t be afraid, we are safe. This is indeed a safe house.”

The haunted house was very scary, and as the name suggested, there were countless ghosts there.

However, those ghosts had not come by themselves. They had be

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