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Volume N/A - CH 76

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Without needing Squad Leader Zhang to give any instructions, policewoman Wen Chang, who had watched this scene, launched continuous attacks. She kept firing at the balloons, which burst one after another.

‘Damn, are they really shooting balloons?’

While Lin Yao was thinking to himself, the Ghost Bullet awakened from the daze caused by the thunderous roar.

However, Squad Leader Zhang had a tight grip on him, so there was no way the freak could move. Although the gray mist around it constantly burrowed toward Squad Leader Zhang, bloodied Squad Leader Zhang seemed able to prevent the attack of the cold aura. He was totally unaffected by it.

The Ghost Bullet was a freakish gunner known for his speed and ability. As a result, he was not as strong as Squad Leader Zhang. Besides, Squad Leader Zhang had practiced military boxing and was very skilled in grabbing and pinning the enemy down. The freak had no way of dodging the policewoman’s attacks either.

On the other side, the bear-shaped doll naturally wanted to save its master. However, Li Shan and the soldiers put up a desperate fight. They charged forward to stop the doll, even crushing it to the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a dozen more shots, the balloons on the Ghost Bullet were finally destroyed.

When the balloons were destroyed, the policewoman stopped firing. On the other side, Squad Leader Zhang used this opportunity to break the freak’s limbs and smashed them thoroughly with his feet. He lifted his foot and had the urge to slam the freak’s head. However, in the end, he seemed to think of something and retracted his foot. Instead, he kept watch over the immobile Ghost Bullet as he shouted at the fighters at the rear, who had just killed the bear-shaped doll.

“Come here with the golden rope and the spells. We must never let this freak run away.”

“Yes, Squad Leader.”

After some work, the Ghost Bullet was completely tied up, and everyone panted hard while sitting on the ground.

In fact, this series of battles did not last long. The Ghost Bullet had only fired three shots. However, they were under immense pressure, and the freak’s ability to kill in one shot was really terrifying. The fighters did not dare to lower their guard. Any mistake would cost them their lives.

Fortunately, the freak was eventually tied up and they finally won.

There was not much time to rest. They barely caught their breath before they all took the same path back with Li Shan in the lead.

“The Ghost Bullet must be locked in the haunted house!”

“Killing this freak will be more useful than killing ten freaks.”

The Ghost Bullet was capable of sneaking attacks in the fog. It was a source of trouble. Now that they had trapped it, the team’s mission this time around was considered successful.

On the journey back, Squad Leader Zhang and Captain Li made a point of thanking Lin Yao.

“Thank you. You saved the lives of many of my brothers, as well as my o

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