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Volume N/A - CH 85

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These two were gold-level items. The Large Capacity Electrical Energy Storage Crystal resembled the Angel Gem. It had originated from thunderous beasts and could store a huge amount of electrical energy. It could also be charged using electricity sockets commonly found in every household. In the future, Lin Yao would not face a shortage of electric power so long as he could charge it fully. He had chosen this item because it could make up for his shortcomings.

‘The Angel Gem stores light energy, and the electrical crystal stores electrical energy. With these two items, I’ll be able to persist longer than my peers in battle.’

Following the selection of these two items, Lin Yao picked the Blessed Beads as his last item. This was a life-saver that Lin Yao had been searching for.

Due to the rules of the freaks in the mysterious land, the freaks were immune to too many things, and Lin Yao could be killed with a single blow at any time. Thus, he decided to choose the Blessed Beads to avoid failing an easy task.

The beads had been blessed by a powerful Buddhist monk from the Shaolin Temple and contained the Achala [1. Achala, “The Immovable Lord”, is a wrathful deity and dharmapala (protector of the Dharma) prominent in Vajrayana Buddhism and East Asian Buddhism.] profound eternal charm of that powerhouse. When he was attacked by the rules of a freak and could not resist in the future, these three beads would help Lin Yao resolve three fatal crises.

Of course, one got what one paid for. This was merely a gold-level item, so its eternal charm could only resist the rules of a freak to a certain extent.

‘I’ve got weapons, armor, persistence power, and life-saving items. I’ll be much safer the next time I enter the mysterious land.’

Lin Yao spent more than half an hour selecting and purchasing the treasures. By the time he was done, his body had almost recovered and he could train again.

As planned, he didn’t practice military boxing this time. Instead, he practiced the Clear Mirror Swordsmanship.

First, he practiced the Sword-Drawing Technique to facilitate his recovery. Afterward, according to the description of the Clear Mirror Refracting Technique, Lin Yao unsheathed his long sword and engulfed the sword with light energy, making the light shining on the sword refract.

The ironwood sword was not strong when it came to transmitting light, and Lin Yao’s mental strength was too poor. As a result, he could not separate the mental strength from the body. Therefore, the refraction of the light on the sword did not have a good effect.

However, when God closes one door, he opens another. Lin Yao could not engulf the sword, but he incidentally learned the third move of the Clear Mirror Swordsmanship—the Clear Mirror Body Technique—in the process.

It was funny. When Lin Yao could not find ways to control the light on the sword, he exclaimed with a headache, “Sigh! The sword is too long. I can’t control the separat

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