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Volume N/A - CH 102

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Lin Yao, who went out, ran into the policewoman, Captain Li Shan, and Squad Leader Zhang.

The soldier had been seriously injured in the mysterious land and taken to the military hospital when he walked out of it. Not everyone was given extra care by Chief Shi. Therefore, he had to rest for a few days. While he was still recovering from his wounds, Lin Yao and his old friend came over to visit him. After learning the whole story, he and the two of them immediately expressed their gratitude to Lin Yao.

“This time, we…”

“Alright, we have been through combat together. There is no need to stand on ceremony with each other.”

After exchanging a few words with the rest of them, Lin Yao, who had fully recovered from his wounds, left the hospital and walked toward his house.

However, he realized that his family had moved most of their belongings to the villa. They were already living there.

“We knew that you’d be back. Hurry up and eat.”

After sitting down, Lin Yao noticed that his parents were very happy and had smiles on their faces. Lin Yao could not help but be curious.

“Why are both of you so happy? Is the villa so gorgeous?”

“Of course the villa is nice. However, this is just part of the reason for our good mood. Both your dad and I have been promoted. Now, everyone praises us for educating and raising a good son. Many people come to ask me how I teach my children…”

Lin Yao’s mother was beaming as she explained this to Lin Yao. He realized that what his parents were the happiest about were not the villa and the promotion, but the praise of others for educating a good child. Lin Yao found it amusing.

‘Sure enough, middle-aged parents are the happiest when others praise their children.’

Lin Yao watched his parents, who were beaming, and could sense the warmth and joy of this happy family. However, in the meantime, he suddenly thought of the tragic situation of the neighboring city, which had been breached. He remembered corpses being strewn about and recalled the people who had survived, who had been holding on to the corpses of their family members, crying sorrowfully. There was a flash of coldness in Lin Yao’s eyes. He was now even more determined to protect these families and the country.

‘This kind of life should go on forever. Anyone who destroys this must die!’

After having a casual chat with his parents, he showered and got ready to rush to school.

However, halfway down the road, something good happened. The various materials he had applied for yesterday morning, including three Blessed Beads, an Angel Gem, a Large Capacity Electrical Energy Storage Crystal, and a Brilliant Light Sword, had all been delivered today.

‘Delivery is very fast. All of them arrived on the same day. I didn’t know that the national post was so efficient.’

Of course, the national post was not that fast. It was just that the city leaders had taken notice of Lin Yao. They had already sent instructions th

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