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Volume N/A - CH 75

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Lin Yao was praying hard, yet he was shocked upon hearing what the freak said.

“Usually, we would merely thank you for your patronage. However, I shall suffer a loss today and give you the second prize. Are you happy?” The freak laughed cunningly.

Amid a round of hideous laughter, he pulled a bear-shaped puppet from his cloak in the shadows.

With a single throw, the bear-shaped doll swelled rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.


The bear-shaped doll landed after moving through the air. It was covered in bandages and it had steel nails in its mouth. There were stitches all over its body. The doll had swelled to three meters tall, and it was now standing in front of Squad Leader Zhang and blocking his way.



Squad Leader Zhang was fuming. He wanted to jump over the bear-shaped doll and attack the Ghost Bullet behind it. This freak was the most dangerous thing. Captain Li Shan, who was one step behind, was also attacking the enemy at full force.

However, it was not that easy to break through the three-meter-tall, bear-shaped doll’s defense. It was wrapped in bandages, and there were various stitch marks on its body. After a roar, its hammer-like palms smashed onto Squad Leader Zhang and Captain Li.


The booming sound broke through the air as if it was capable of smashing everything. Squad Leader Zhang turned stiff at the loud sound that cut through the air. However, he failed to dodge in time.

“I have to kill you. I must kill you. Super Armor!”

Squad Leader Zhang let out a loud yell before he once again made a cyclone in his body explode. This time, he used a special method to burst the cyclone. Lin Yao had the feeling that Squad Leader Zhang seemed to be as tall as a mountain that could not be shaken.

He, who was in Super Armor mode, was indeed unshakable.

Boom! Click!

Squad Leader Zhang did not dodge and suffered a direct blow from the bear-shaped doll. Although the Super Armor ability could increase his defense, the full blow was so powerful that Lin Yao could hear the sound of broken bones. On top of that, Squad Leader Zhang even spat out blood due to the blow. The powerful force directed from the palm had an impact on his organs.

“Squad Leader.”

“Old Zhang, you scoundrel!”

Many of them cried out in shock upon seeing Squad leader Zhang’s determination. Although he was injured and he’d spurted blood from his mouth, Squad Leader Zhang did not retreat. Instead, when the bear-shaped doll’s paws bounced away, he used blood-red lights as he suddenly passed through the side, chasing after the Ghost Bullet once again.

Squad Leader Zhang was doing whatever it took to kill the freak.

Lin Yao understood the reason behind his actions. This monster was really terrifying. A long-range attack from this monster would kill them with one blow. If it were not for the three-free-shots-per-day restriction, Lin Yao was certain that more than 20 members

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