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Volume N/A - CH 64

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Chapter 64: Picking Up Money Again

‘It’s really miserable to undergo electric shock development without the ability to recover.’

While lamenting, Lin Yao noticed that his body had recovered a little more, so he simply drank a few bottles of nutrition drinks and practiced yet again in the yard.

Even after having electric current stimulation, he would always exercise.

Lin Yao was delighted. He could feel the slight increase in his physical development during the training. At the same time, he also had other ideas.

‘Now that I can comprehend the profound meaning of military boxing by using other methods, should I switch to a better technique?

‘Well, I remember that I am eligible to redeem two diamond techniques. I will check when I return and see if I can find one that suits me.’

Practicing military boxing required physical strength. However, Lin Yao was able to practice 20 times. This was due to the light energy stored in the body cells of the Armored Body Of Light and the effect of drinking four bottles of nutrition drinks. Lin Yao was able to persist for a longer time.

However, this caused an issue.

‘It takes five or six hours to practice military boxing 20 times. It’s too long. This won’t do. I must change the technique or increase the load. Simply practicing military boxing is no longer suitable for me.

‘I remember that one will carry a load only at the warlord level. Why am I so far ahead of the rest?’

Lin Yao, who was thinking to himself, had obviously forgotten that not everyone had the divine ability to restore their physical strength by basking in the sun.

Ordinary martial artists could only consume their own physical strength and could not afford to buy nutrition drinks. They could only have meat as a form of nutrition. In their case, it was not easy to practice military boxing five times. They would only practice for an hour at most, so they naturally would not think about changing their techniques.

Although there were many special effects to the Armored Body Of Light, the LV5 sunlight absorption was the basis of everything. It was the light energy it absorbed that helped Lin Yao persist longer. The light energy that it absorbed was also the foundation that allowed Light Healing, Light Adjustment, Light Purification, and Body of Light to work.

The other special effects were useless without energy.

This was also the reason the country had developed Project Thunder God back then. Everything originated from energy.

After five hours of training, it was already evening. Right now, Lin Yao was exhausted and felt sluggish. He would naturally not be able to continue his training in this state. He washed up in the research institute and bought a clean shirt nearby before he ran to the orphanage.

The sun had not completely set. While he was running, Lin Yao’s sunlight absorption ability was utilized once again. He absorbed a large amount of sunlight and stored it in his cells.

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