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Volume N/A - CH 138

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Chapter 138: Lascivious Activities Could Lead To Bitter Consequences

“I’ve been thinking about shutting you in a small house and ravishing you thoroughly.”

After speaking, Lin Yao lifted Yan Yu’er’s long hair with his hands, a disgusted smile forming on his face.

“You are not a suitable wife candidate, but you are very beautiful and your family is wealthy. I wouldn’t mind having you as a lover. By the way, as my lover, you’ll need to pay for my daily expenses.”

Yan Yu’er was obviously stunned by these shameless words, and a flame was rising in her palm. It was obvious that she was already extremely angry and wanted to give Lin Yao a tight slap.

However, she remembered Lin Yao’s combat effectiveness and her mother’s instructions. She resisted the urge to do it, and after taking a few breaths, she thought of something, and the anger on her face subsided slightly.

There was even a smile on her face in the end.

“Are you suggesting going to a hotel? This is my first time. I don’t wish to do it here. Come with me.”

Five minutes later, after they submitted their personal information and took the room card, there was a cold expression in Lin Yao’s eyes.

Yan Yu’er hugged Lin Yao’s arm with both hands and leaned into him.

“Here is the hotel room. It is a top-notch presidential suite that cost me 33,000 yuan.”

“Do you think I am playing a game with you to see who shall back off first?”

“Of course not. I really like you. Although we are going to the hotel just after meeting a few times, since you like it, Ah Yao, I will go along with it.”

After a moment of silence, Lin Yao nodded. “Let’s go.”

Lin Yao looked at the room card in his hand while walking, not feeling very anxious. After all, he was a man, and Yan Yu’er was a woman. In the end, he would not be the one who would suffer.

If Yan Yu’er finally backed off and stopped bothering him the next day, that would be the best-case scenario. Lin Yao would then return to his usual routine of practicing and training.

He would not care even if she really stayed until the end.

Yan Yan, Jiang Rong, Qin Xue… Lin Yao would not hurt these kind, innocent women.

However, Yan Yu’er was a schemer. Lin Yao could stoop very low when he faced such people. Besides, he was not a devoted person.

Lin Yao did not care, while Yan Yu’er was very confident.

‘Since he has always been helping out in the orphanage, I don’t believe that such a kind-hearted person could last until the end.’

‘I might have been busy in the orphanage, but that’s because I was gathering energy. That is not because I am a good person.’

Each of them was immersed in their own thoughts when they entered the presidential suite. This was Lin Yao’s first time here, so he walked around looking like a fool.

“Shall I bathe, or do you want to go first?”

“Let’s bathe together.”

“Oh… don’t be anxious. It’s my first time, so you should create a good memory for me.”


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