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Volume N/A - CH 113

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Chapter 113: Leize Dragon God Meditation

“Are you willing to give up on the Bodhi Leaf?”

“How could I?”

“Then it seems that the three of us will be fighting for the leaf this time.”

When that was said, Zhang Feng and Tu Ying looked at the cold woman next to them, Yan Yan.

The top class was formed by promoting and gathering geniuses from ordinary classes, and there was an elimination system. Therefore, the students there were generally better than in other classes.

It was a pity that Ninghai No. 4 High School was only the fourth high school, and students with better backgrounds and stronger talent were sent to No. 1 High School.

Therefore, even the top class had only three advanced martial artists.

There were one male and two female powerhouses in the class. Namely, Yan Yan, Tu Ying, and Zhang Feng. That was the current situation in the class.

The three of them were eager to obtain the Bodhi Leaf as well.

They looked at each other before Zhang Feng finally spoke up.

“Stop staring at each other. The old principal has said that the Bodhi Leaf will be given as a reward only when our school becomes one of the top two in the city. Therefore, before we defeat the other two schools, we have to cooperate with each other… As expected, this is the usual style of the sly old fox. He is, in fact, teaching us the attitude that we should have in the future.”

Tu Ying and Yan Yan frowned upon hearing these words.

Tu Ying, who had a deep passion for martial arts, and Yan Yan, who was cold and indifferent, had no intention of cooperating with others.

Zhang Feng had a headache upon seeing their reaction.

“Damn, I can’t get Ninghai No. 4 High School in the top two places in the city with my own effort.”

Without much hesitation, Zhang Feng took the initiative to make a suggestion.

“Although I don’t want to say this, during this period, the three of us will have to train together. Team battles amount to a high percentage of the school’s total score.”


Although Tu Ying frowned upon seeing the situation, Tu Ying still nodded and agreed. Tu Ying wanted the Bodhi Leaf. Thus, they looked at Yan Yan.

When she saw this, she contemplated it for a moment before she said, “Four people.”

“What do you mean?”

“We actually need five people to form a team, right!?”

They wondered what Yan Yan meant. However, Yan Yan shook her head at what they said.

“Student Lin Yao will join the team.”

“Lin Yao? The one who is with you? No way!”

After learning about Yan Yan’s plan, Zhang Feng and Tu Ying directly refused.

“The competition requires a five-member team. Given our capabilities, we are not capable of overwhelming other schools, and we may not even be able to win. We must not bring someone that will hinder us.”

Zhang Feng tried his best to convince her. “I know you are very close with him, but a lot of things are at stake at this competition. Even if you don’t want the

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