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Volume N/A - CH 148

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Chapter 148: The Showdown of the Thunder Geniuses

“I thought that No. 1 High School’s strategy would be having their powerhouses go up against us first before advancing to the final battle. What’s going on now?”

“They can’t possibly do that. Those foreigners are very powerful. Besides the players from No. 1 High School, the other locals who fight against them will likely be defeated. If this happens, they will attain a high ranking. In addition to getting rewards, they’ll also affect the reputation of Ninghai City. As the frontman of Ninghai City, No. 1 High School has been tasked to batter them at the earlier stages of the competition.”

Surprisingly, Yan Yu’er was the one who answered Lin Yao’s question. After being insulted by Lin Yao earlier, she was fuming deep in her heart and had thought of giving Lin Yao a violent beating. However, after contemplating it, she’d dragged herself to Lin Yao’s side and sat down with her arms wrapped around her knees. On the other hand, Yan Yan’s eyes were filled with anger and disappointment while she looked at Lin Yao.

Lin Yao knew why Yan Yan was disappointed but couldn’t appease her.

His mentality had already changed. When Lin Yao had first come to this world, he had longed for a beautiful love. However, his mentality was different now.

A couple loved each other from the cradle to the grave, and this was beautiful love. It would become a harem if the numbers were to increase. Lin Yao preferred the latter. Unfortunately, only a Casanova could garner the affection of that many women, and Lin Yao couldn’t do that. He didn’t have the time to. He could only use his power and influence to attract women.

However, there were some women in the world who were not swayed by power. What they wanted was true love, which Lin Yao couldn’t give. Therefore, Lin Yao would minimize his interactions with them. Otherwise, he would end up hurting others as well as himself.

Lin Yao took a glance at Yan Yan, who was staring at him. He then lowered his head and looked at Yan Yu’er, who had curled herself into a ball by wrapping her arms around her knees.

She was already petite. In this pose, she looked weaker and even more pitiful.

However, Lin Yao didn’t sympathize that much with her. He felt indifferent.

He knew very well why Yan Yu’er wanted to get close to him.

Lin Yao stretched one hand and attempted to pull Yan Yu’er into his arms.

However, as soon as his palm touched Yan Yu’er’s shoulder, her entire body trembled suddenly. Simultaneously, Lin Yao heard a frightened voice.

“Don’t do this here.”

Caressing Yan Yu’er’s hair casually, Lin Yao whispered into her ear, “I really don’t know what to say about you. Since you don’t like it, why did you come here and make yourself suffer?”

“You have already taken my virginity.”

“Do children from powerful families care about this? Based on your lifestyle, I’m sure you guys have had a few fancy parties.”

“Our family

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