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Chapter 132: Gate-Crashers

It was down to three against five. Although Lin Yao did not make another move in the end, his existence posed a huge threat to the opposing team. The contestants from No. 2 High School did not dare fight wholeheartedly. After three to five minutes of fighting, Lin Yao and the others won and did not sustain many physical injuries.

It was joyous to emerge victorious. However, Zhang Feng felt no sense of accomplishment.

“That guy has hidden his abilities very well.”

“Hidden them? No, I didn’t. I practiced all these skills by applying for leave.”


“Then you were right to apply for leave, and we will rely on you in the future.”

Victory was always joyful, especially for young people, who felt that they could go further.

They were not stupid, so they all knew the reason behind their success. Although they would not go to the extent of pleasing Lin Yao, all of them viewed Lin Yao as their leader.

This included Zhang Feng, Tu Ying, and Yan Yan.

Even though there was competition among the four, after a round of battle, these young people felt that Lin Yao was too far ahead of them.

To be honest, if they had won by a very narrow margin, they might not have been convinced of Lin Yao’s abilities and might even have tried to figure out his weakness.

However, when Lin Yao had fought with the enemy, lightning had flashed and everything had ended. His powerful abilities made them understand that there was no way they could catch up with him.

When someone was so powerful that there was a huge gap in terms of their abilities, they would only worship that person instead of feeling jealous of their abilities.

“Let’s work hard together. The rewards given by the city are very high this time. Let’s go for it and try to defeat a few more teams to receive more rewards.”

Although Lin Yao did not dream of becoming the leader, it would be easier for him if his teammates listened to him.

Ninghai No. 4 High School won easily, and the audience was swept over by their success, cheering loudly for the team. Someone even yelled Lin Yao’s name in excitement.

“Lin Yao!”

“Lin Yao, do it again.”

Ninghai No. 4 High School stepped out of the arena amidst the loud cheers of the audience and caught the attention of many people.

Apart from the team members led by the four warlords from No. 1 High School, the other teams, including dojos and school, and even the teams from No. 1 High School that were not led by warlords, were frowning and studying Lin Yao’s abilities, thinking of ways to defeat him.

“Can you resist that move?”

“No, its speed is too fast, and it is too powerful. This is not something that a martial artist is capable of using.”

“Leader, what should we do?”

“Don’t ask me, this move is extraordinary.”

The students from No. 3 High School were the most anxious. No. 1 High School was too strong, so they did not even think about defeating them.

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