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Volume N/A - CH 110

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Chapter 110: The Powerful Di Qiang

As the referee made a victory declaration, the person whose chest had been pierced by a palm shook and disappeared, and Lin Yao’s figure appeared two places behind his original position.

The Clear Mirror Body Technique!

The male students in the audience felt a headache upon seeing this scene. Lin Yao had displayed strange yet powerful abilities in the arena, and his brilliant Sword-Drawing Technique was amazing as well.

“He is a powerful person with mysterious abilities. Is there anyone who can defeat him?”

“I don’t think so. Other than Di Qiang, the rest of them are no match for him.”

“Sigh… This is an ordinary class after all. All the strong players are in the top class. I heard that there are mostly intermediate martial artists and powerhouses who are advanced in such classes. That is where Lin Yao belongs.”

“It’s a pity. I would love to see him get bashed in the face!”

Lin Yao was handsome and cold and defeated his enemies by using quick and clean moves. People were full of admiration and praise for him. There were many female students who were cheering for him.

Anyone else aside, Lin Yao could be sure that if he wanted to find a girlfriend right now, he could easily get a few with a curl of his fingers.

Of course, this was not the time to talk about such matters. While everyone was discussing the match, Di Qiang had also defeated his opponent and was now standing face to face with Lin Yao in the arena.

The final battle of the ordinary class of Ninghai No. 4 High School was about to start.

Lin Yao and Di Qiang stood facing each other, and the match was about to begin. The surrounding students no longer talked among themselves. Instead, they controlled their breath as they waited for the duel between the two geniuses.

In the distance, Ye Qing pointed a camera at the arena, determined to capture the whole process.

The people outside the arena were cautious because of the confrontation between the two of them. Everyone thought this was a battle of geniuses and looked forward to the fierce battle between these giants.

At the same time, although the battle had not yet begun, most people were inclined to think that Di Qiang would win. After all, he was the first to awaken the profound meaning.

However, Lin Yao was not the least bit worried that everyone thought highly of Di Qiang. The medium-level Body of Light 90% strengthened his physical fitness so much that he was akin to an advanced martial artist. Compared to them, the only difference was that Lin Yao could not unleash three vital energy seeds in one go. However, like Lin Yao, Di Qiang was also a low-level martial artist. They were of the same rank, so Lin Yao was not afraid at all.

To Lin Yao’s surprise, the same was true for Di Qiang. He had witnessed Lin Yao’s strength just now and had seen how Lin Yao had sent Xu Wanqing flying with one punch. However, he still looked very calm.


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