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Volume N/A - CH 109

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While Lin Yao was staring at Di Qiang, he heard a familiar voice beside him.

“Lin Yao, I lost to you last time. I won’t be defeated again.”

After turning his head, Lin Yao discovered that Zhou Yang, the one born with divine power, was speaking.

This guy had also gotten into the top eight places. Upon looking at his tanned skin, Lin Yao had an explicable feeling of tenacity.

‘Did he master body-toughening martial arts?’ Lin Yao thought as he nodded. ‘I’ll wait for you.’

After Lin Yao stood in the arena for a while, the school leaders went onto the platform.

“The arena competition begins. This time, the people participating in the battle will be determined by drawing lots. The winner will advance to the next round. The loser will get into the losers’ team and get another chance to fight.”

After a brief explanation of the rules of the battle, the competition commenced immediately.

However, Lin Yao didn’t know if this was done intentionally or was just his bad luck. Lin Yao, the seventh player on the seeder player list, drew the lot for the first battle. His opponent was Xu Wanqing, who ranked second.

The moment he saw his opponent, Lin Yao recalled the scenes of her earlier battle with Di Qiang, who had unlocked the gene lock. She had been hit and flung away many times. However, his surrounding male classmates felt elated instantly.

“Great! That b*stard has finally met an expert.”

“Come on, Senior Sister Wan Qing. Hit his face.”

“Be sure to hit his face. Don’t hold back.”

All the boys below the platform were looking forward to Lin Yao being beaten up. Lin Yao’s face could not help darkening when he heard these ferocious shouts.

‘Am I that unpopular?’

Amid these shouts, Lin Yao and Xu Wanqing entered the arena, looked at each other, and bowed.

However, something that left Lin Yao speechless happened soon. While she was looking at her opponent, Xu Wanqing’s face blushed slightly. She even spoke before the battle began.

“I’m sorry, Student Lin Yao. Although I’m unwilling to, I must defeat you. Please be careful.”

When he looked at that caring gaze and her blushing face and heard her gentle voice, Lin Yao was speechless. At the same time, these few words ignited the endless jealousy of the boys below the platform.

“Scoundrel. He is actually seducing his opponent. That’s really despicable.”

“Is being handsome a big deal?”

“I’m so jealous of that b*stard.”

“Senior Sister, please don’t lose on purpose.”

“I’m done… My Senior Sister Wanqing…”

Amid bouts of jealous shouts, Lin Yao watched helplessly the gentle gaze of Xu Wanqing, who was in front of him. She looked as if she could not bear to attack him.

“You have to be careful too. No, you must do your best.”

Xu Wanqing was taken aback by Lin Yao’s firm request. However, she soon thought of something and her eyes shone.

“I refuse to surrender to any of my opponents, and I will always do my best

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