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westcorphotels > I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart > Volume N/A - CH 111

Volume N/A - CH 111

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When the ironwood sword was unsheathed, it was accompanied by a roar of thunder and a flash of lightning.

Amid the booming thunder, Lin Yao seemed to have pulled out thunder and lightning instead of a sword.

The bright electric light flashed and disappeared, and a white line appeared in the middle of the palm print that looked like a door, which was the profound meaning of the Vajra Palm. Moments later, the white line spread, and the Vajra Palm print shattered like glass.

“How is it possible? You merely have full-body control!”

Di Qiang was shocked when the Vajra Palm print shattered like glass. He was puzzled. Lin Yao had only managed to gather the strength of his whole body, yet he had been able to shatter his superimposed profound meaning with one blow.

Di Qiang might find it hard to understand, but Lin Yao had no time to waste.

After shattering the Vajra Palm with one blow, he stomped his foot.


Amid loud cracking sounds, he flashed and charged toward Di Qiang like a bolt of lightning.

Di Qiang watched as Lin Yao approached him with the might of Thor. He wanted to use his Vajra Palm again. However, as mentioned before, the reason the profound meaning was called a killer move was because it put too much pressure on the body and was difficult to use repeatedly.

When Di Qiang had used the profound meaning previously, two forces had converged in his palm. If he had not strengthened his palm while practicing the Vajra Palm, his palm would have been injured on the spot.

It was a pity that he was a low-level martial artist. Besides, his palm had not been tempered to the extent that he could keep using the Vajra Palm to attack.

Di Qiang, who could not activate the Vajra Palm, was not even able to use his right palm. Now that Lin Yao was charging over at him, he could only use his left foot as his center of gravity. He turned his right foot halfway and slammed into Lin Yao’s body.


As expected, he was someone who had understood two different profound meanings. He gathered the power of his whole body when he rotated, swept his legs, and created a loud shrill in the air.

Although he simply kicked with his legs, the kick was as powerful as the moves of people who used combat skills. This was the sheer might of full-body control.

However, Lin Yao had also mastered this ability!

While Di Qiang was kicking, so was Lin Yao.


Amidst the roaring wind, Lin Yao and Di Qiang’s thighs slammed into each other.

When their legs met, Di Qiang’s expression changed immediately. He sensed that Lin Yao’s thigh was far more powerful than his. The terrifying force crushed and broke his thigh, giving him a fierce kick. He was also kicked on the chest and sent flying off the arena.

Di Qiang spurted a mouthful of blood after falling outside the arena.

He could not care about this right now. Instead, he looked at Lin Yao with an incredulous expression on

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