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Volume N/A - CH 147

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Chapter 147: The Competition Intensified

The second orphanage was also an orphanage that housed disabled children. In the past, the orphans there had been xenophobic and had rarely interacted with others. However, Lin Yao’s light appearance was a powerful weapon. Any ordinary person would feel peaceful when they saw Lin Yao and have a good impression of him. It did not take Lin Yao much time to get close to the orphans. When it was time for him to leave, the children looked at Lin Yao with tears in their eyes, as they could not bear to see him leave.

After visiting the second orphanage, Lin Yao gained another 1,000 grams of energy. However, he was not very excited this time. The situation in those orphanages was too depressing.

“Sigh… I really hope that the world will be peaceful.”

“Well, you have been sighing too many times today. It’s time to go.”

“What is our next stop?”

“Our next stop is the city center stadium. Have you forgotten that you need to participate in the competition?”

“Uh… Of course, I didn’t forget.”

Upon saying that, Lin Yao was about to close his eyes to calm down, waiting for the start of the soon-to-be battle.

However, before he could close his eyes and rest his mind, an electronic tablet with a dozen or so teenagers’ combat skills and a link on it was placed in front of him. After clicking on the link, he saw a video of these teenagers fighting against other people.

“What is this?”

“Your opponent for the next game.”

Lin Yao narrowed his eyes at her words.

“Is it going to be that easy?”

“It’s not that easy, but it’s not that troublesome either. The city center prohibits non-tactical tricks. As long as we don’t affect that person off the court, threaten to bribe that person to fix matches, or take the initiative to injure the player, the city center personnel will not do anything to us.”

Lin Yao knew the reason behind this. The city would not pay attention to ordinary youths. They would only be concerned about the geniuses.

If someone lost in an arena competition without being disturbed by others, they would not be considered a genius at all.

Of course, it was unfair to know information about the opponents in advance or even choose weaker players to fight against. However, there was no such thing as absolute fairness.

In fact, there had also been bonus points, regional examinations, and other situations in the college entrance examination of the previous world.

At the same time, if someone was really powerful in this world, no one would choose that person as an opponent at the beginning of the competition. Take Lin Yao for example. Apart from Li Peng, the simp, other children from powerful families were trying hard to avoid going up against him.

After all, they wanted to get a good ranking, not to attack others. Therefore, they would look for weaker opponents.

‘In other words, it is impossible to play dumb when one is, in fact, very powerful

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