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westcorphotels > I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart > Volume N/A - CH 128
Chapter 128: Defeating the Enemy with One Sword Move

Yan Yu’er was very powerful. She had fire talent and was also an advanced martial artist. Her physical realm had already reached 90%. She was a very young, qualified advanced martial artist with a limitless future.

However, at the moment, Lin Yao had reached his limit, and his physique had exceeded the Iron Person realm. With the three blessings—the Body of Light, the guardian holy seal, and the unlocked gene lock—his physical strength alone was comparable to that of an ordinary warlord.

As he moved his left foot backward, Lin Yao blew up his vital energy seed and assumed a sword-drawing posture. He had already unleashed and gathered his strength to the maximum.

Lin Yao could feel the invincible strength in his body. Upon seeing that Yan Yu’er, who was in front of him, had not turned her head around, he launched the Sword-Drawing Technique without any hesitation.

[Thunderbolt Sword-Drawing Technique—Lightning Flash]


There were sounds of electric light flashing in the arena. After the combat skill was launched, a beam of flickering electric light moved forward like a sword.

“Oh no!”

“Hurry up. Dodge!”

“Stop it.”

The referees and the commentators in the arena were the ones shouting these words. As warlords, they had extraordinary eyesight and could sense that something was amiss. However, ordinary people had merely seen a flash of light and hadn’t figured out what was going on.

Even Yan Yu’er, who was fighting against Lin Yao, didn’t know what was happening.

She was in a happy mood after provoking Yan Yan and was in the midst of turning around with a wide smile on her face. She was quite relaxed and she wasn’t turning her head quickly, or perhaps Lin Yao was too fast.

Lin Yao spent less than a second getting into a sword-drawing posture and unleashing a flash of light.

However, the outcome of the match had already been determined within the short time span of less than a second.

“Where is he? What’s that?”

“Hurry up, dodge!”

The earlier words had been Yan Yu’er’s doubts. After turning around, she lost sight of Lin Yao and could only see a trace of the flashing light.

The last words were hollered by the referee. Yan Yu’er could see the referee pouncing on her in a panic.

“Why is the referee…”



Yan Yu’er was wondering what had happened, but she soon couldn’t do that anymore. Before she could come back to her senses, a massive, powerful force blasted her body from the front, and her petite figure was sent flying more than 20 meters away.

At the same time, excruciating pain seemed to be devouring her from the front, as if her entire body was shattering.


A miserable scream was heard. Fortunately, she didn’t have to endure the subsequent torture, as the terrifying blow had simply knocked her out.

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle.

As Yan Yu’er was completely hit away, Lin Yao

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