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Volume N/A - CH 139

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Chapter 139: I Clearly Struck Him!

‘He’s very powerful. Will I be able to beat this person in the individual competition?’

While staring at Du Zhuang, who was in the arena, Lin Yao frowned and contemplated this. It didn’t take long for Lin Yao to reach a conclusion in his heart.

‘I might stand a chance to win if I go all out, but the probability is less than 10%.’

Lin Yao was very powerful. With the blessed Armored Body Of Light, he could unleash the physique of a warlord, although he was just an intermediate martial artist. This would merely last for a few breaths at a time, but the duration was enough for Lin Yao to unleash Lightning Flash and defeat the enemy with one strike.

Despite this, Lin Yao felt that his chances of victory were slim when facing Du Zhuang.

He was not lauding the spirit of the enemy and belittling his own. However, Du Zhuang was really too powerful when he was fighting in the arena.

Du Zhuang was also a talented person. Lin Yao was unaware of what kind of talent he possessed. However, at the martial artist level, he could already transmit the power of his punches in the air and bombard the enemy from a distance.

Of course, Lin Yao was unafraid of this powerful talent. Wind attribute geniuses could also unleash medium-range to long-range attacks. What Lin Yao found unsettling was the physique demonstrated by Du Zhuang.

When his body and mind became one, the way he relied solely on the power of his punch to blast the overbearing strength of a flaming warlord… made Lin Yao realize two things.

First, Du Zhuang had also mastered the genetic control of military boxing and was capable of gathering and unleashing 100% of his strength.

Second, his physique had certainly surpassed Iron Person 100%. In fact, Lin Yao guessed his physique might have reached Iron Person 200%.

Unlike Lin Yao’s peak physique during his outburst, this was Du Zhuang’s actual physique. Using this physique as a benchmark, after unlocking the gene lock, the strength that Du Zhuang could unleash would not be 100% but at least 150%, or even 200%.

In addition, a martial artist at his limit would be able to blow up at least five vital energy seeds at one go.

‘His basic attributes can already subdue me completely!’

One’s physique was the foundation of all kinds of moves. The stronger the physique, the greater the power of the warlord.

Of course, skills and techniques could make up for a slight difference in physique. However, Lin Yao didn’t have an amazing comprehensive ability and hadn’t mastered the profound meaning of the Thunderbolt Sword-Drawing Technique. Plus, the opponent was not a reckless individual who merely relied on his physique. As a result, Lin Yao was not confident about winning.

‘There were boxing matches in his past life as well, but most of the boxing matches had weight divisions. If two people have a similar boxing style, it is extremely difficult for Lightweights to beat H

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