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Volume N/A - CH 107

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“Unlocking The Gene Lock—Completed.”

When the neural network controlling his body was connected, Lin Yao felt like he was God or a deity that could control his body functions perfectly. Lin Yao discovered that he was capable of countless things in this state.

However, such a great ability merely lasted for 10 seconds in the Sea of ​​Consciousness and five seconds in reality.

Five seconds later, he had the sensation of a splitting headache accompanied by excruciating pain. Although Lin Yao had the Brave Soul and was unafraid of pain, he had a feeling that enduring this pain and continuing with the accelerated thinking speed would melt down his neural network and make him an idiot.

After all, pain was not entirely a bad thing. It was just a feedback mechanism to remind a person that something was wrong with their body.

The moment he perceived danger, Lin Yao controlled the current to make it leave his brain.

Professor Li was also genuinely competent. When Lin Yao looked pained, he could tell by checking Lin Yao’s state on the screen of the device that was connected to Lin Yao’s body.

Without needing Lin Yao to say a word, he immediately switched off the electric current to make Lin Yao’s state of accelerated thinking fall back.

The feeling of full-body control disappeared along with the fall-back, but this was not the time to lament.

After returning from this state of accelerated thinking, Lin Yao had a splitting headache. This was not physical pain. He felt as if he had been cultivating to become an immortal all day and night for an entire week. He was completely exhausted.

Under the circumstances, he’d almost lost the strength to breathe.

While Lin Yao was feeling unwell, as a researcher, Professor Li immediately paid attention to the data on the screen. He had no time to be concerned about Lin Yao’s physical condition at all.

“The duration is five seconds, but this is because the current stimulation has been switched on for half an hour. In a perfect state, the duration is likely to double. In a limited state, the duration should be nine seconds… In order to retain some energy, he can use at most seven seconds of thinking speed acceleration.”

Professor Li was calculating the data derived and didn’t have time to pay attention to Lin Yao. Fortunately, Jiang Rong had not forgotten Lin Yao. As soon as the development was completed, she rushed to Lin Yao’s side and checked his body. She then forced open his mouth and fed him some nutrition drink.

“Junior Brother, drink this first. Bring the bed over!”

The nutrient drink entered Lin Yao’s abdomen and his body radiated with a gentle energy. The sun rays in the sky and the Sun God Pattern on Lin Yao’s chest and abdomen were also constantly releasing energy to repair Lin Yao’s body. He was no longer half-dead.

However, Lin Yao had injured his mental strength this time. Although his body was gradually recovering, the feeling of exhaustion l

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