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Volume N/A - CH 5

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In this world, techniques were categorized based on their levels. In the West, people used to rank them according to SABCDE. In the East, dojos back then were categorized in heaven, earth, black, and yellow. Buddhism was about enlightenment and wisdom. Although this was a more accurate description of techniques, it was not as easy to memorize them. Therefore, the foolish netizens simplified them and ranked the level of the techniques in the categories iron, bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and king. This type of ranking corresponded to the Western ranking of SABCDE.


In fact, the gold technique was fairly powerful. It was the equivalent of the Western B level. Such a technique should be very rare in the world of martial arts.

It was a pity that China was not a feudalistic society and the government’s policy was to leave wealth to the people instead of suppressing and controlling them.


That was why China placed great importance on techniques. However, because there were limited resources, it was impossible to eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor, and the training resources were not easily accessible by everyone.

However, the country made sure that everyone could access the basic techniques they needed.

In order to make the techniques as easily accessible to everyone as possible and ensure the safety of the people, thus maximizing their potential, the government worked with top martial arts experts and medical experts and made use of cutting-edge computers to jointly develop a set of gold techniques. They made sure that all citizens could learn them.

This technique was the 13th Military Boxing.


It was the technique that Lin Yao was practicing now. This was the gold technique that everyone practiced.

This gold technique was very stable and worked on one’s foundation.

For this reason, the gold technique was considered standard training in China. No one would practice techniques that were below the gold level.

It was a national policy to leave wealth to the people. The advantage was that the country had an army of 70 million at present, with a steady stream of soldiers. There was no need for forced conscription like in other countries. At the same time, when the country faced a crisis, it could expand its army anytime to more than one billion.


A powerful army and a huge number of martial artists had made it possible for China to remain generally stable, even though there had been continuous Spirit Energy Revival on the Blue Planet.


It was good that everyone could access techniques. This technique was meant to be practiced by everyone, so it had to cater to the public. Hence, its most important features were safety and stability. Lin Yao found it a pity that there was nothing special about it. It mainly consisted of defensive moves.


However, this was the gold technique after all. It was the most suitable technique for laying a foundation. Some smal

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